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Xbox One gameplay for new Killer Instinct character

We have some great news for those that intend to pick up Killer Instinct as their first game on Microsoft’s Xbox One console. The game may not developed by the much-loved Rare as many had hoped, but fans are slowly coming around to the idea that change on this occasion can be good.

In conjunction with EVO 2013 which is on going at the moment in Las Vegas, developers Double Helix Games took the upcoming fighter to the event and proceeded to confirm that Glacius would be the next character to be revealed for the game. A series of gameplay and combo videos showing the alien in action are now available to view online, but there’s something else perhaps more exciting to share with you as well.

During the official Glacius teaser announcement, we had one special confirmation at the end – a very short teaser clip showing the return of none other than Chief Thunder to the game. Thunder is no doubt a fan favorite and although we didn’t see an actual look at the character in action, we saw his trusty tomahawk axe being thrust into a tree.

Hopefully it won’t be too long until we see some actual Chief Thunder gameplay, but we are starting to like these little teasers that Double Helix are starting to put in their official character announcements. In the meantime, those of you who consider yourself fighting experts, will also be able to buy a Killer Instinct themed fightstick made by Madcatz.

Killer Instinct is due out as an Xbox One launch title, so we have a feeling that the other character reveals are going to be coming thick and fast. Who would you like to see revealed next after Thunder? We want to see the likes of TJ Combo, Orchid and Cinder in action.



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