Steam Summer Sale for 2013 taunts Mac

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 14, 2013

Product Reviews has a large gamer following and we are sure a number of our readers have been following the Steam Summer Sale for 2013. The deals have been mixed with some great offers to be had and others not so good, but for PC gamers it could be a chance to pickup a new title or even an older one and enjoy something new.

We had a quick look at the 2013 Steam Summer Sale today, and see some great games on offer but our favorite from today would have to be 40 percent off Remember ME. You would also see a few order titles like Total War Shogun, Portal 2 and Hitman Absolution all with 75 percent off.

Steam Summer Sale more for PC than Mac – the 2013 sale days are certainly taunting Mac users thanks to the majority of games being listed only supporting Windows PC users and not Apple Mac. Everyday we see another list and Product Reviews receives another comment from Mac Gamers.

What Mac games have you seen in the 2013 Steam Summer Sale so far? Some people have been trying a few workarounds and finding a lack of support for controllers and gamepads.

The Steam Summer Sale is running from July 11 to July 22, 2013. What discounted games do you want to see over the next week? Head over to Steam for the current Summer Sale games list.

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  • Samuel Gagné Martel

    If you want to be a gamer, I really don’t get why you would buy a MAC. It’s not made for gaming. PC’s are.

    I got metro at 40% on a flash sale. Rest of the sale up til now is pretty bad. Still hoping to get some great prices for AC and some other titles.

  • theinsanegamern

    the problem is that there are not many games for mac osx, not that valve isnt putting them up for sale.