Moto X Phone vs. Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, 5S for price

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 14, 2013

The next few months will see a battle between popular smartphone brands intensify. We will see the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Moto X Phone when the latter handset reveals full specs in detail, and both of these phones will take on the Apple iPhone 5S or 6 when it launches within the next 2 months.

We could also see the Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 in a new cheap version, which would be a twist on the previous comparisons, especially where the price is concerned. The cost is also going to be a major point for some people and this is exactly what an article on Forbes has touched on.

Now that we are in the second half of 2013 and moving towards the busy shopping season, it seems that price will be a vital point along with the competition between brands increasing in the fight for your custom.


The Moto X Phone has already been in the hands of Google’s chairman and a number of photos revealing the Moto X in Eric Schmidt’s hands made some people a little jealous. You can see all the hands-on photos with Google’s Moto X Phone in their article.

Back to Forbes, you can see in their article that they feel strongly about the Samsung Galaxy S4 reducing its price to compete with the upcoming iPhone 5S and Moto X Phone. The author makes it clear that a price war is coming, but in our opinion the plastic iPhone 5 with a cheaper price point is almost certain considering the range of leaks.

It will be interesting to see how this cheap iPhone 5 competes with the range of Galaxy S4 models and their price points, although Apple will need to get the specs up to scratch even with a cheaper price.

With Google investing hundreds of millions into the Moto X Phone, this will have an impact on Apple’s launch plans and Samsung’s aim for smartphone feature dominance, but we highly doubt any phone could stop Apple’s iPhone 5S if it launches with some vital changes. This is especially true for the extremely loyal Apple fans, and there are millions of them in many countries.

For those of our readers considering to purchase a new smartphone this year: will you be leaning towards the Moto X Phone, a version of the Galaxy S4, the new iPhone 5S or even a cheaper iPhone 5 potentially featuring a plastic back cover?

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  • Uzin

    A Face-off between iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 – voted by people at

  • Time

    This is most definitely a sponsored post. Why? Its the first “non-paid” comparison I’ve seen in recent times that doesn’t even mention the HTC One.

    • This is not a sponsored post, also we cannot mention every one selling. We also would like to point out that we recognise how good the HTC One is and this is seen in our previous articles like “Why the HTC One is the winning smartphone of 2013” View

  • Charles Clarke

    Try the Lumia 521 to introduce yourself to Windows Phone. You’ll never go back.

    • James

      Yeah coz u cannot catch up to smartphone users anymore, good luck with Windows (Dumb) Phone.

      • Charles

        Lol. I understand that Microsoft missed an OS release date back in 2007 that prompted a bad reputation in mobile ever since. Then Microsoft owned 43% of the mobile market. However every year since then Microsoft has lost half their market share. Not to say that Windows Mobile 6.5, quickly released in 2008 a year after windows mobile 7 was meant to release…, wasn’t a better mobile OS than iPhone and Android at the time. Having an app store the same year iPhone with an app store came out. But Microsoft lost all hardware partners on mobile during 2007 flop… So they continuing failing until the Nokia partnership of 2011-2012. Now finally, windows phone is gaining market share as well as leveraging its patent portfolio (software inventions) to reign in as much as $15 per android device. The Lumia 521, priced at $99, sold 20600 in less than a day on sale at HSN. Just one device at one retailer on one network. AT&T is about to pick up the device so sales will double. Comparatively 3 different iPhone models, some sold at $0 price tag, sold an average of 16,600 devices sold when it first released on the same network as the Lumia. Get in the game, Microsoft won. Getting paid for close to 60% of mobile devices sold. Game is over Microsoft won.

  • Charles Clarke

    Google violates trade practices! They got the Homeland Security chief fired. All Google phones are illegal in the states. They have to sign a cross licensing agreement with Microsoft. Or take the Microsoft inventions out of Android making it a lame device.

  • David Berry

    I agree all the talk about the s4 and iPhone when the HTC one is the top phone and as it should be it’s the best phone I’ve ever owned .

  • cmg

    I purchased an HTC One over the S4 and iPhone 5 and i’m quite satisfied.
    Btw, you forgot to mention HTC One in your réview which is currently one of the best phones on the market.

  • Richard Denton

    Are you trying to get commission from Apple?

    You haven’t even mentioned the HTC One which has consistently been voted and reviewed as the best phone on the market.

    “…we highly doubt any phone could stop Apple’s iPhone 5s if it launches with some vital changes…”.
    Even with a plastic back it’s still going to be an iPhone which is entry level for smartphones… Lame article.

    • James

      HTC One is overrated. I for one think it is bloody ugly, plus it is HTC, wait a year and see it fall apart.

      • Richard Denton

        HTC is way UNDERRATED, I can’t comment on your personal preferences and ‘fall apart’, you haven’t got a clue. I’ve still got my original HTC Desire which has been passed around as a spare, and, although getting a bit long in the tooth, build-quality wise is virtually bomb proof!

        … Incidentally, so is my One X which my 9 year old has, and as kids do, hasn’t exactly taken the best care but it’s still as new as the day it was delivered.

  • Loopy

    Definitely Moto X.