iOS 7 beta 3 sync issues, iPhone apps crashing

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 14, 2013

Now that iOS 7 beta 3 has been out for almost a week we wanted to provide a little insight into how it is performing. Product Reviews has a developer using the new iOS 7 beta 3 and looking at the changes when testing our apps, so we have been able to gain a lot of insight into each beta update from both our in-house developer and our readers.

Numerous iOS 7 beta 3 issues as expected – while we want the latest beta to be problem free, it obviously wouldn’t be that way considering we are a couple of months away from a public release date or even a Gold Master of iOS 7.

Our developer has explained that during their review of iOS 7 beta 3 the iPhone 4S still gets hot, as it did with beta 1 and 2. This seems to happen when using 3G more than when using Wi-Fi, although the amount of overheating experienced on the iPhone 4S running iOS 7 beta 3 is not acceptable for public launch.


PR’s apps haven’t crashed but a number of apps are crashing during the use of iOS 7 beta 3, but this is expected considering some developers will need to update their apps before the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 launch in September. This is one reason why developers are given early access to the next major update.

Battery drain and iPhone 5 – tests with the iPhone 5 and iOS 7 beta 3 reveals that this device runs a lot cooler and battery life is good, but under some installs the battery will drain much faster.

If this happens to you after installing iOS 7 on your iPhone 5, 4S or 4 then our developer explains that you should perform a soft reset first to see if battery life improves. If that doesn’t fix it, then you should backup everything and perform a clean install then restore your backup of content and settings.


Some of our readers have reported problems with iOS 7 beta 3, although we cannot confirm if these are developers or people using unofficial versions of iOS 7. There seems to be a lot of discussion over Wi-Fi issues in iOS 7 beta 3, but it should be noted that Apple explain how some Wi-Fi issues can be fixed in the iOS 7 release notes.

One of our readers said, “I have music syncing problems in iOS 7 beta 3 and some apps are crashing”. Another added, “Having an issue with the beta syncing my music every time I try and connect to Apple iTunes, I have no idea how to fix this”.

The biggest issue we keep hearing about is battery drain as seen here, “I’m using beta 3 on iPhone 5 and after my phone was unplugged for about an hour it dropped 20% without it even being unlocked, my battery life is terrible”. Again, for these users we recommend you try the fix we mentioned above.

Are you using iOS 7 beta 3, and if so how is it performing for you? Are you problem-free, or even if you have issues are they minor or major ones? Hit the comments with how the new beta software is performing and let us know what you want to see fixed in iOS 7 beta 4.

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  • will1565

    Can i customise my phone as if it were jail broken yet…. I’m fairly sure i know the answer. No sale apple

  • Carrie

    I have beta 3 on iPhone 5 on sprint. Not sure if it’s a sprint problem or an ios problem but my phone rarely rings but I get like 5-7 voicemails a day and usually about an hour or 2 later. I have power cycled the phone multiple times and nothing works. Wouldn’t be a big deal if I wasn’t looking for work playing phone tag with possibly employers.

  • M4N7

    Hi I’m Newbie in this system and it works fine in my Iphone 4s except for some Major Apps like Skype, and I hope for the next beta release it will be fixed. I love this new IOS..

  • Kurt Noel

    I am getting a message when certain apps pop up that I need to connect to itunes to use push notifications, however I have that all setup. Also, I am trying to download the most recent software update and I am getting a message that says “unable to check for update” then says cancel or try again.

  • Six Dollar

    i have ios 7 beta on my ipod touch 5 and i have crashing on usual apps like photos when going back to albums, safari (many here, when i delete tabs, when logging in to some sites, when saving sites to bookmarks, etc.) voice memos (when deleting recordings), and mostly settings when trying to set my wallpapers, but no crashing at all to my downloaded apps (if any, its the apps fault).

  • zsostre10

    My biggest problem so far and this has happen to 4 people I know and we all have the iphone 4 and 4s is that our phones have randomly blackout and it won’t turn on for a while 3 of my friends got lucky and we were able to turn it back on when we plug it to the laptop but for others it never turned on. This happens days after we got the IOS 7 beta 3. Is there any way we can prevent from that happening?

    • Milooo

      yup. go back to iOS 6. Apple won’t really care if your device gets bricked or not because you willingly agreed to take the risks that come along with installing this BETA version.

  • micahhenning

    What I’ve found on my iPhone 5 running iOS7 Beta 3
    * Lots of springboard crashes with certain apps (shows apple logo, then goes to lock screen)
    * Battery performance reduced by at least 20% (after doing full restore)
    * Apps which should auto-update are stuck on “Waiting…” and can’t force update them (I have a queue of 26 apps which won’t update currently)

    * When I receive a call while listening to music, the music will stop but won’t start again after the call is ended. Also, hitting play on the ear buds won’t start playing music again, either.
    * Some apps will reissue all unread notifications immediately after clearing them all from the notification area
    * Occasionally, the screen won’t register touch events (have to hard-reset using power + home buttons; though sometimes this issue persists after restart)
    * Screen doesn’t go black and touch events aren’t disabled during a call, so it’s easy to hit a button with your cheek bone
    * About one in five incoming calls are dead (can’t hear caller)
    * Video recordings occasionally crash in the middle of a recording

  • Najib

    I have facing problem on beta 3 iPhone 4s it goes black blank screen after closing multitasking it crashing music player after 30 minute of usage and every time i connect my iPhone to iTunes it syncs and determine my all data and upload again.

  • Nicholas

    I don’t understand why more people aren’t complaining about the multitasking black screen bug. I usually shut down an app right after I use it & it ALWAYS goes to a black screen. This has been happening since Beta 2…

  • Brandon

    Can you reset you iPhone 4 on iOS 7 though itself and still have the beta and working? Please respond

    • Wan A.V.O

      Yes you can

  • Adrien

    IOS 7 beta 3 kills the battery. My iPhone 4 was fully charged, put it in my pocket and looked at it 30 minutes later, and the phone was died, have to reset for it to turn on. iOS 7 beta 2 did not have this problem. A little step back I would say.

    Got to get it right.

    • Jdutch101

      This issue is one I am experiencing too. It seems to be a problem with power management, and not battery life. I noticed that my iPhone 4 shuts off at random intervals for no apparent reason. I don’t think its related to the battery because once I turn it on again, it still reads whatever percentage it was at prior to shut down, and not that it has been depleted.

  • Mateus

    I’m using Beta 3 on my iphone 4. Daily, my iphone doens’nt respond anything. It looks like turned off, without image, reponding any button. If someone calls me, this person hear in his phone that is calling. But my iPhone doesn’t ring. And then, after hours or if the battery goes to 0%, my iPhone comes back to life. It generally happens after i stop the music player and block the phone. But its not a rule. I already had to wait more than 8 hours to my iPhone 4 revive. I think that this is the worse error. I am developer, and updated OTA. First ios 7 used was beta 2 .

    • Jdutch101

      If it happens again, try holding your power button for three seconds, then the home button AND the power button for 10 more seconds. The apple logo *should* appear and a few moments later the phone should turn on. It can take up to 2 minutes to boot. Not sure what causes this, but on mine I have the same issue and I don’t think its related to battery life. Rather, I suspect its related to the power management software. Mine has done this several times over the last few days and the above worked for me to get it up and running again. Once on, it reports the same or very similar battery percentage as it had prior to the shut off.

  • Honestabe

    My Internet doesn’t work on my iphone 5. Only through wifi.

  • Luke

    I’m using Beta 3 on my 4s. For the most part it’s a much more stable version. However, sometimes a few apps will crash. Also, when people call me, my phone is no longer ringing most of the time. I only know someone called by them leaving a voicemail or sending me a text. I hope that this is fixed when Beta 4 comes out on July 22.

    • tgregory7

      I was having the same issue with not receiving calls. My husband said he would call like 5 times and I would only receive 1 of them. I did a hard reset on my iphone 5 and everything was restored. I recommend this, and you should be fine. I have a question, have you had any trouble with usb ports in computers. Some keep saying that the port is using too much power. This has never happened before!

  • yusopa

    My iphone 4 random reboot when the the carrier not reachable

  • Michael Rosa

    I’ve had an issue not receiving incoming calls. Upon further review I came across multiple forums dedicated to just this. If so this is a huge problem with this beta.

  • asaf

    beta 3 is surprisingly stable. only issue is some apps crash sometimes
    one improvement i would like to see is options to change toggles in control centre. i dont want airplane mode i want 3g. also expecting a lot earlier release

  • Rich

    Do you not understand what Beta means…? This is not the final version and is a long way from it….
    If you don’t like the bugs, don’t use it… More importantly stop moanin ing about it…!

    • Sternow

      The whole point of a Beta is to catch bugs. Testers are supposed to point these things out. You ought to stop complaining about the complaints because you’re looking like the real complainer here when everyone else just wants the upgrade to be great.

  • techknow

    One major issue that I have run into on all iOS 7 betas is when you are using headphones or bluetooth to make and be on a call, the phone will freeze on the lock screen and you have to force a restart (home+ power) to soft reset the phone to get it working again. And of course the ever so frustrating app crashes which have been reported to death but still warrant noting. Devs like myself will update apps once more stable betas release as compatibility issues will always exist until later betas when the source code gets updated.

    • +1. Though Im not certain this happens only on headphone or bluetooth. There are still great apps that crash on particular action. For eg. MyFitnessPal app was fine till beta 2, but in beta 3, if I click on search bar(within app), it crashes. Same with IMDB app. In built camera app, from time to time requires a soft reset. While I understand it is beta, hence no complains. Only way of helping here, I found is by turning ON Diagnostic & Usage data, so App devs or Apple could fix it.