GTA V with Xbox 360 vs. new Xbox One

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 15, 2013

It is hard for certain gamers to comprehend people going out and purchasing the Xbox 360 right before a new Xbox One launches, although this is exactly what’s happening and gaming stores are pushing sales with special offers. The UK GAME store knows how to entice gamers in Europe and they are banking on a free copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 to do the job.

You can pickup a selected Xbox 360 console with Darksiders 2, Forza 4, Batman: Arkham City and GTA V in the UK for under £200 in a special bundle. You gain the new GTA V game as a free bonus, so this means the console will be delivered first with the other games, but you will need to wait until GTA V is released in the UK before receiving that game.

This is a special deal that clearly shows retailers are trying to shift as many Xbox 360 consoles as possible before the next-generation arrives. When you take into account how much each game costs on their own and the 250GB Xbox 360, then this is a great offer in our opinion but would you really want a system this old technology wise?

GTA V with Xbox 360 vs. new Xbox One – personally, after being there for the midnight launch of PS3 and Xbox 360, any idea of purchasing such old hardware is crazy. The Xbox One will bring new abilities that are expected after looking at how many years ago it was since the current generation released, so our advice is to wait a couple of months for the true gaming system in the form of an Xbox One or PS4.

You can see how good the GTA V gameplay is just by looking at the reaction from MGS5’s director, or see the gameplay again yourself.

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  • Boss

    It will come out for next gen along with PC they just don’t want people to hold out and wait to buy next gen when they will most likely buy both

    • Mitchell Hall

      sorry dude but that’s pure speculation. Rockstar hasn’t said either once. Actually they have said the opposite about next gen. They said that they are completely focused on gta for the systems its coming out for. So to just say its going to come for next gen is just pure unsupported speculation.

  • Mitchell Hall

    so you’re pretty much saying if you don’t own a current gen system, then screw the most highly anticipated game possibly in history. Are you serious? Because next gen is coming? Next gen isn’t going anywhere, and if someone hasn’t experienced current gen, you’re just saying oh screw that and all the absolutely amazing games that have been released on it. What a stupid article. You’re acting like its this outdated crappy technology. I think games like the last of us and bioshock infinite prove that’s just not accurate. Yes its true next gen is going to be amazing and yes, being a hardcore gamer I’m going to be a dayone purchaser but that absolutely doesn’t mean someone who hasn’t seen what current gen has to offer should just skip it. Even someone who has, gta5 is shaping up to BE a reason to own a console, so just go back and lay down, you’re drunk.

    • abysymal .

      I have a PS2 and an Xbox 360. Though my PS2 has some amazing games, I very rarely play them, and wouldn’t recommend anybody to go out and buy a PS2 because it had a few great games.
      Imo, the 360 had even less amazing games. A few are memorable. There’s hardly any point in buying one now.

      • Mitchell Hall

        its a little different this time. like I said, gta 5. Nowhere near the same comparison as a ps2 and if you don’t see that there’s something wrong with you. Not to mention 90% of next gen games will be out on current gen for the next few years so your logic is completely retarded.

        • Admir Karalic

          Ownage level 2Zillion

        • Mitchell Hall

          Haha. Have you played gta 5 yet? Like I said, that game is reason alone to buy a xbox360. Most amazing game I’ve ever played

        • Admir Karalic

          Hell Yeah I did and damn is Good. Of course has some Glitches here and there, but it’s far better then what I have expected and the HEIST missions are Faboulous, can’t wait for the ONLINE portion to kick in though !