BlackBerry Q10 vs. Z10 visual looks for best BB phone

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 14, 2013

The BlackBerry Z10 launched a few months ago with an aim to make the brand relatable to the modern smartphone user, and the BlackBerry Q10 wants to be a bridge between the old style BlackBerry and some of the new features demanded by phone users today. The BlackBerry Q10 vs. Z10 video above this article aims to find out the better smartphone.

We have already seen a lot of excitement at the launches of these BlackBerry phones in certain cities around the world. The 10-minute review looks at the most obvious differences to start with like a keyboard versus all touchscreen, and then the downside of having keyboard means a smaller display and why a physical keyboard could be classed as a better feature for some people.

The video then looks at the BlackBerry Q10 / Z10 specs in detail and what features are similar like processor and storage expansion. Personally, we love the bigger display on the BlackBerry Z10 but can’t ignore the better battery life on the Q10 thanks to a smaller screen.

BlackBerry Q10 vs. BlackBerry Z10, what smartphone suits you better? This comparison might really come down to physical vs. virtual keyboards and how big you want your smartphone display.

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  • Sergio

    I have both but the bigger screen made me fall in love with my Z10 and about battery a spair one solved the problem

  • Kevmobile

    Great comparison review Daniel. I have one technical correction: both devices work great with 64 GB micro SD expansion cards.