Xbox One may open doors to Indie games

By Alan Ng - Jul 12, 2013

Fans of smaller indie games as opposed to triple AAA releases could be due for some very good news from Microsoft in the future, as rumors are emerging that Microsoft may be willing to accommodate the indie scene with regards to their Xbox One console after all. It was initially thought that Microsoft wouldn’t be catering to smaller independent publishers with their next system, but we could be set for another policy change yet again.

We have seen with amazing games such as State of Decay on Xbox 360, that the indie category really needs to continue on when the Xbox One arrives later this year. At the moment, there’s a lot of discussion still ongoing over the DRM debate, with a new petition recently set up to actually get Microsoft to reverse the changes.

Hopefully in the midst of all of this though, Microsoft realizes the importance of having a buzzing indie community. A report over at GameReactor tells the story of one European developer, who has gone on record to say that Microsoft will allow them to self-publish their upcoming game on Xbox Live.

It’s obviously early days yet with no official confirmation from Microsoft, but we think the more indie games are available on Xbox Live the better in our opinion – as you never know when the next gem is going to turn up. Just look at Hotline Miami on PS3 and PS Vita as a classic example of how successful smaller games away from the spotlight can be.

Are you a fan of the indie scene? If so, let us know what you would like the indie system to be on the Xbox One.

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  • Agosto Nuñez

    Well, this would be a positive development to the Xbox One, you should look into the future by holding your and its features, compatibility and what made you great THEN can still be a platform to build on NOW, this is why Windows is better than the rest, because I can run M.S. D.O.S. apps on Windows 8, while I can’t run Mac O.S. apps on O.S. X, smaller games cater to a larger market than just the mainstream games, mainstream games have became easier to play because they set the bar lower, back in the day when we had the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64, games were real puzzles and everything required thought and skill, today’s games are a walk in the park, some indie games uphold the traditions of yore, and these are the games I personally enjoy the most.