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Pokemon X and Y new details on Xerneas, Yveltal

Earlier on this week we gave you some exciting rumors regarding Pokemon X and Y and the reveal of four potential new Pokemon. Now, we’re pleased to bring you some official news as the Japanese magazine responsible for the information has confirmed brand new details on the game, including fresh info on the new legendary Pokemon in X and Y – Xerneas and Yveltal.

Previously all we had on the legendary creatures were rumored information, but finally we can reveal their respective types to end the debate once and for all. According to scans of the latest issue of Japanese magazine Coro Coro, we can tell you that Xerneas is going to belong to the Fairy type Pokemon, while as expected Yveltal is going to be a Dark / Flying type Pokemon.

Some additional details on both Pokemon have also been revealed, such as a new Fairy Aura ability for Xerneas, which will power up all Fairy-type moves as well as having a new move of its own called Geo Control. For those buying Pokemon Y, Yveltal will gain access to its Dark Aura ability, which will power up Dark-based attacks, including its own special move called Death Wing – which sounds particularly punishing.

So far Nintendo nor Game Freak has confirmed this officially, but the Japanese scans showing both Pokemon as well as details in Japanese confirm this as fact already. Hopefully when we do get an official confirmation, we will also have some new gameplay to show you, which will give you an idea of how the unique Fairy Aura and Dark Aura abilities work in battle.

We have included the main scan above though just to give you idea. We’ll also have other juicy details to bring you soon regarding the confirmation of another 5 new Pokemon. The big question that we want to know – will you buy Pokemon X with Xerneas, or Pokemon Y with Yveltal?



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