FIFA 14 preparation with Ultimate Team downtime

We have some important news for FIFA 13 players now, especially those who play the Ultimate Team portion of the game on a daily basis. EA has sent out word that the Ultimate Team service will shortly be going offline for an extended period of downtime. This is due to preparation of FIFA 14 according to EA, which is currently scheduled for an exciting launch this September.

In the next few hours, we can tell you that FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is going offline, starting from 1am Pacific Time, lasting until 12pm Pacific Time. That means the service will be offline in the UK from 9am Friday morning, all the way up until 8PM later tonight – a total maintenance window of 11 hours.

During the downtime, EA has said that they will be making preparations for Ultimate Team on FIFA 14. It’s somewhat strange that this is happening so early before FIFA 14 launches in September, but we’re guessing it’s an important stage of building the mode for FIFA 14.

We’re also presuming a lot of you will be studying or at work, so hopefully the inconvenience shouldn’t affect too many of you. It will be interesting to see what changes have been made when Ultimate Team is available again on FIFA 13, or if the changes are specifically for FIFA 14 instead.

How many hours do you spend a day playing Ultimate Team? Would you say it is the most addictive aspect of FIFA 13 or are you actually tired of the mode?



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