Xbox One petition to bring back DRM divides opinion

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2013

Some gamers just can’t make up their mind. After all of the madness surrounding Microsoft’s initial DRM restricted Xbox One console which many consumers were strongly against, we can now confirm that a new petition has been started online to get Microsoft to reverse the decision and bring back the DRM measures on the console once again.

We’re not kidding either. The petition has been titled ‘Microsoft, Give us back the Xbox One we were promised at E3’, along with a rather humorous image of former Microsoft chief Don Mattrick conceding “We made a huge mistake”. The petition was started towards the end of June, but we can already tell you that almost 7,000 signatures have been acquired from supporters.

The real grievance for those that want the DRM measures back, is Microsoft’s decision to take away the unique family sharing functionality of the Xbox One in the process. Initially, Microsoft planned to offer users the option of sharing digital purchases with up to 10 members of the family, but with the big reversal these plans were unfortunately scrapped.

Also scrapped was the ability to play Xbox One games without needing a disc inside the system. However, Microsoft also removed this option with the reversal and confirmed that a day one patch will now go live upon launch to require users to play games directly from the disc.

When the petition first started, many thought it was actually a joke – or just some element of sarcasm designed to make a point. With 7,000 signatures though so far, it looks like many consumers are not joking around. The big question, is whether Microsoft will actually take notice of this and consider reversing their decision yet again – just imagine the reaction if that happens.

What do you honestly make of this? Will you sign the petition as well because you really want Microsoft to bring the family sharing features back? At the same time though, that could also bring back the restriction involving used-games in the process – is this what you want?

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  • cripper

    as far as I know these people were excited by the sharing of games (although it turns out they are demos) with friends. This was also removed with the DRM removal.

  • luke

    deffo made by a playstation lover to make the xbox one fail…..

  • Keith

    If you sign that petition, you’re a moron.

    • Devin

      Most are probably people trying to make Xbox One lose the console war by making it worse.Well you know what I mean.