Marvel Avengers Alliance Season 2 delay causes anger

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2013

If you are a regular player of the addictive and very successful Marvel Avengers Alliance game on Facebook, you’ll know that most of the overall feeling on the game is a feeling of disappointment, with developer Playdom failing to interact with their fans with regards to the promised Season 2 content and its subsequent delay.

Avengers Alliance is an amazing game, but is often marred with Playdom’s questionable business tactics in failing to communicate with their customers in a timely manner, combined with the frequent content updates without fixing up bugs and errors that have been present in the game for months.

Playdom initially confirmed that the highly anticipated Season 2 content for the game would be going live on June 18, as we informed you in a previous report here. Almost one month later though, the content is still unavailable and fans are starting to get a little bit disillusioned on the lack of communication from Playdom.

Playdom’s own customer service department is somewhat non-existant as well, as players will find out for themselves when they receive the same “copy and paste” replies, without helping the troubled user get to the root of the problem as soon as possible. It’s true that we see game content delays all of the time, but at the same time – gamers expect in return a certain level of developer support to make the frustrations a little more tolerable. After all, consumers don’t want to be under the impression that Playdom are just after as much gold purchases (the game’s method of currency) as possible do they?


These problems combined with Playdom’s apparent focus to push forward with the money-spinning but broken PVP match-making battle mode, could lead some to question whether the game would be in better hands if Marvel placed another developer in charge. The constant lack of communication and disregard for fixing bugs in the game certainly wouldn’t happen if this was a console game on Xbox 360 or PS3 for example.

One of the biggest disappointments for us, is that this the same game that was previously voted as the “Best Social Game” of the Year award by G4’s X-Play. Hopefully when Season 2 finally does arrive, it will also come with a series of bug fixes that will make the game a lot more pleasurable to play, than it is at the moment.

Do you play Avengers Alliance on Facebook? If so, get in touch with us on your feelings on the state of the game at the moment. What does Playdom need to do to improve the game in your opinion?

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  • Moe Bishop

    i am a low level spender, i have only put in less than $50 of my own money in more than a year. I have been given a couple of FB gift cards that i also spent on the game.

    the biggest issue i have with the game is the lack of customer service. multiple time the game has bugged away some achievement and after submitting multiple support tickets, i have never got a reply that wasn’t an automated email telling me “thank you for your feedback”

    the second biggest issue is they keep introducing new (expensive) items that make PVP impossible to enjoy unless you’re willing to spend more than $100 every season.

    MAA is a fun and distracting game but it seems that the developers aren’t in tune with 90% of their player base. the majority of the players will spend a little ($15-20) to get special weapons but recently they’ve made bonus only available for >$100 spent.

    i believe that currently there are more than a million players so encouraging 90% of those players to spend $15 on the game from time to time would make more sense to me than only trying to get 5% to spend hundreds

    i understand it’s a business and without income from its players they can’t exist.
    there will always be people that will spend more than i will on any game but currently PD lost me as a spending customer and i will play for free until they prove that i am important

  • Adam Johnson

    It boils down to this: PvP evolves, and therefore requires changing your tactics, which requires purchasing or winning gold. So they’re going to focus on that over new story content. Unfortunately, most of us like the missions and the stories. But when you go months between them…… I just recently found out about the level cap, and I’m probably done when I hit it because as long as Playdom Customer Service continues to lose resources without reimbursement, I’m not risking real money only to lose half of what I spend to Combat Validation Errors, Updates, and the like. Also, they’re rolling out 135cp heroes out at twice the rate they’re rolling out 90cp heroes. I can get 135 cp’s pretty quickly, but as I do, along comes another SpecOp requiring the lamest of the 135 heroes instead of the one I want. What makes it a great game is the story, which is dwindling. Therefore, it’s no longer a great game. And the forum is also a mess. I get so tired of “there’s already a thread for this”. If it was a relevant thread, it would be on page one. Time to start over, so quit whining that my thread just became more popular than yours.

    • Michael Fink Gutterman

      What level cap?

      • Adam Johnson

        I’m told that once you reach level 300, there is no level 301. I have 2 friends stuck there now, and I’m at 294.

  • Wayne

    With the panel at SDCC coming up, any MAA players present need to nail the PD reps present to the wall on these issues. If they would at least communicate to the consumer, it would be a great start. Even just a notice when the server is going to go down for maintenance so that everyone is aware that they need to get out of the game so they don’t lose progress would help. And don’t BS the people who pay your salaries by putting out a release date for a product update, then on the day of release, say “oops, we just wanted to add some ‘extra features’ to season 2, so there will be a slight delay.” Be up front with us and tell us “hey, we screwed up, it’s going to be August before it is ready.” That would be better than this waiting in limbo. Not everyone needs to know all of the details of why we have the delay, but at least give us a percentage of how close to ready it is.

  • Michael

    Playdom needs to move away from PVP or improve it. Right now, if you ask their players “what is the least fun in Marvel Avenger’s Alliance?” You would get pvp as your response 90% of the time. Sadly, this is what they choose to keep pushing down player’s throats til they gag and spew in vomit. It’s horrible.

    There are ways to improve upon it including just removing the ability for players to gain or lose points while not actively themselves. I don’t know of any game that players are rewarded or (alot more often than not) punished for simply NOT playing. Fact is the PVP is a money pit that sucks in new players with the feeling of (wow, look at how good you did!) as the AI has a fighting chance in a world free of 4 slotted agents with AOE stuns and free actions to suck the life away from the opposing team while gaining life himself.Older players who make it to the level cap are rewarded with having to buy $30 worth of gold items every month to at least have a chance vs. the players with larger disposable incomes and blatant hackers and cheaters with their armories full to the brim of 64 gold items just to compete for 10 hours a day to lose all their points just for taking an hour nap.

    There is no balance in PVP and not because some players spend money and some don’t. I’ve played PVP long before there were special ops missions (Which I love) and PVP tournaments (AKA the poison in a perfectly health game) and their are ways to reduce cheaters and ways to balance PVP but Playdom doesn’t want to “Fix” the game. They just want to charge our credit cards.

  • Ryan Ewing

    It’s not so much that there are bugs. I expect and can deal with those in a freemium game. The overarching problem is that each update brings NEW bugs of things that were formerly working, are never formally addressed, and fixed…whenever. The last update brought serious bugs to Dr. Strange and Omega Sentinel.

    A mistake made by the programmers last month, which made something sell in the store for 10k silver instead of 250 like it should have, brought threats from PD admins to not exploit the bug … apparently the don’t have a single programmer who works on the weekends (the admin said as much), so it sat there nearly a week, wrecking the in-game economy while the programmers did…who knows what.

    It’s a great game, but it could be SO much better. The potential for greatness is what kills me.

  • Nat Baker jr

    I hope that play Dom will be able to launched season 2 without any problems and I hope the facebook does the same thing cause I really don’t like pvp at all
    you should really get rid of pvp, but overall I really enjoy both Facebook and playdom MAA and please just let me keep playing them for a long time ok

  • Scooby

    It’s a well known fact that so far as pvp in this game goes, it’s free to play but pay to win. I have never in my entire time playing games like this seen one managed this poorly.

    The comments made about the forums are true as well, sadly. For claiming that they have nothing to do with Playdom themselves you would never know it the way they handle things. It’s no wonder that forum has become the cesspool it is now. The forum mods (for the most part) should all be fired and people with an actual IQ should be brought in to fix it. The main moderators are little more than bullies who love to belittle anyone with a valid complaint.

    I honestly hope this game can be fixed (I am currently lvl 270, 30 levels from level cap and I did that all without spending any money) but in it’s current state I am really starting to lose hope.

    • agentKILLJOY

      the mods who’s names are in Green and Red work for Playdom. the mods who’s names are in yellow, blue, and any other colors dont work for playdom. i know this because i know several mods and they have told me so. so yes, the forums are run by Playdom.

    • Eden

      To expand on what Killjoy had stated, the Game Moderators, Community
      Moderators, and Super Moderators are not Playdom employees and have no
      extraordinary influence in-game.

      If there is any issue with the
      moderation, it’s best to report it using the Report Feature. Though
      moderators are able to contribute to the discussion, they have no right
      “belittling” or “bullying” you. That being said, they do have every
      right to disagree with you, seeing as they are nothing more but normal

  • Jose Arroyo

    Marvel Avengers Alliance has been a little disappointing as of last month with the huge delay of Season 2. Even before that Playdom has had a lack of communication with all the players. It’s the same message over and over again. It feels like we’re talking to machines rather than the support people at Playdom. As for all the bugs, their are way too many. Omega Sentinel, Rescue, Night Crawler, and other characters and features are still very buggy. PVP’s new system is ridiculous. It says that PVP would be easier but its actually more difficult. It’s an ongoing battle to get more rating than you lose when you’re on defensive battles. Also you sometimes get matched up with people who have more than twice your heroes and stats for those who don’t purchase gold. (I do purchase gold). For Example a level 270 player fights a level 300 player and their stats are imbalanced it’s not fair. The PVP match ups are almost as if they were “rigged” and many people wake up to check on PVP to find -400 or -225 rating. Heck Today one of my friends in my Marvel group got -1152 rating! From Adamantium League down to Diamond league. Playdom also takes to long to fix errors the game has. It would take them about 3 weeks to a month to fix all the errors in the new patch notes. Playdom needs to step up their game or they will lose their fans.

  • Duckman

    Well, these comments pretty much speak for themselves, when it comes to the problems with this game. Another thing I would like to add is that the forum devoted to this game, which serves as the primary “official” place to get a lot of information about it, such as patch notes, spec ops guides, and so on, and where people are ENCOURAGED BY PLAYDOM to go and share their opinions, or to talk about bugs, or to ask pretty much any question related to the game, EXPLICITLY forbids a) talking about cheats in any detail or talking about cheaters, or really, even mentioning the word cheating (they close threads immediately when this occurs), b) does not allow people to even type acronyms such as “wtf” or “lmao”–I actually know people who have been banned from the forum for this, c) bans people for criticizing the mods in any way; in fact, you are not allowed to talk about the mods or anything that they do, and d) has a stupid atmosphere that runs off any player who will not “search for topics that have already been posted.” This is a problem, as many of Playdom’s issues are ongoing issues. If you were to weigh in with an opinion, you are either yelled at, both by mods and “Platinum member” forumites who basically act like shills, or your thread is merged with many others into these huge, 100 page threads that nobody in her right mind would read, or you are told to “Go post on a rant thread.”

    Now, a “rant thread” is basically a dump for any negative opinion about the game, which the mods don’t feel they can answer themselves.

    Yet, (Here is perhaps the biggest problem, e) None of the mods accept possibly the senior mod (Stinkytofu or whatever his name is) claim to have any access to the developers or any power over the game. THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR PLAYDOM’S PROBLEMS. When you add that to the fact that their developers just give canned responses to any ticket that I’ve ever heard of them receiving, and never actually COMMUNICATE with the players, well, you know, that makes for a really lousy experience for Playdom’s users, many of whom pay them hundreds to possibly thousands of dollars per season. There are, on the forum, these “Ask a Developer a question” subforums, but unless I’m mistaken, that hasn’t been addressed in maybe 6 months! And at that, the developers still cherry pick the least confrontational questions to answer.

    Playdom, people pay you to do what you do. This is a F2P game, sure, but a LOT of us pay you plenty of money. You have some accountability to your product. And as far as that forum goes, every single mod there, and most of the posters, should probably go drink Drano (just my opinion).

  • Maveric28

    I hate the PVP but that’s not the point… some love it. Playdom needs to communicate with its customers better. Over the 8 months I’ve been playing I’ve submitted 4 trouble tickets and NEVER received any reply or fix to the problems I reported. Their updates are sporadic at best, nonexistent at worst, and you never know WHEN they are going to happen. When they do any update at all, it is sudden, unannounced, and will interrupt you even in the middle of the most lengthy convoluted mission (and you will lose whatever resources you spent to participate in that mission as well). Almost any other game available to anyone will make an announcement when they plan to update, or shut down the server, before any patches or updates are applied, giving players ample warning to prepare themselves for the interruption. Playdom shows a continual lack of respect or appreciation for their consumer base on a daily basis, mostly because they have no customer support group. At least I severely hope that they have NO customer service crew, because if they do their customer service personnel are the worst I’ve ever encountered for any product ever, bar none!

    Having said all that, I love this game and it’s a stone-cold shame the way the administration fails to bother with its customer’s needs and concerns.

  • John Smith

    Why not just scrap PVP system and replace it with something else entirely? If it’s PvAI then just turn it into a challenge mode. Make it so you can choose the heroes you want to battle. For example, you can choose a pre-set team of heroes to fight like the Avengers or Fantastic Four. Have task that reward you for completing certain challenges. You can keep the armoury and hero bonuses (Because god knows Playdom gets too much money from that to get rid of it) just stop pitting us against other players who spend gold, use cheap teams and get other unfair advantages.

  • MagikRasputina

    Its a shame though,but they may be putting alot of effort into making season 2 perfect,of course they need HUGE changes in the way they communicate,instead of leaving the players in the dark they could give is updates on a daily,maybe even weekly basis with “players be patient its almost done

  • Cheko Maloso, agent fuerias

    PVP sucks, you can reach high scores, but if you stop playing for 6 or more time all your progress will be lost. specialy the last hours of the tornament (that is usualy in monday, if you want to win, you dont have to work, or study or werever you do) It doesn’t matter how much you play in the month.

    im lvl 198 and im really thinking about droping that garbage game, to much potencial, to little fair

    Cheko Maloso, Mexico

  • ShadyIMG

    As far as I’m concerned, my main issue has always been the “Can’t defend your rating” or PvP system. It’s a joke. It’s not real PvP and you leave your rating in the hands of incompetent AI that is always weaker than the player. The last day of each season is a burden as well as you’re always being attacked more than you’re attacking. One of your attacks would equal two or more failed defences and therefore you basically wasted your time in that one fight. Basically you’re stuck in the rating you’re in no matter what you do on the last day, some cases have shown worse as those who barely made Adamantium rank get knocked down to Diamond. That’s enough out of me.

  • Shion SinX

    People should stop calling it “PvP”, it is “PvAI” in this game. And the AI mostly sucks VERY hard. After a couple fights you alredy know the pattern of said hero, and often they do useless moves (like an Agent using a Quantum Jumper while hes the lone survivor).

  • Flo02

    Pvp isn’t fair for all, people who play since the beginning of the game have less & less chances to get high prizes.

  • Erickson Revoredo

    The support totally sucks. I’ve bought gold many times in the past (so this makes me a consumer, of course), and even though i’m a regular consumer, nothing gives me any privilege over the non-payers in terms of support , which i find it awful.

    Besides that, sincerely, it’s been a long time the game has been fun.

    It kinda had a good story at the beginning, now it’s just pushing us further into spending money to gold, gold to Command Points and weapons. The command point parts is the worse, since this currency on which we use to “buy” the heroes has since very long been made to drop very rarely, even on a mission that had this purpose alone, and to make things worse, every hero that appears now is only available for 90 or 120 of them.

    There is no more appeal for low-level or newbie players, as everything in the game is made to satisfy those who are in the highest levels of the game (200~300), and because of this, everything at high levels, especially the broken PVP system, can only stand you out if you spend more and more gold at this. Level 300? That old weapon of yours won’t do much effect, you gotta reforge it for gold. Losing many battles in AFK in PVP? You GOTTA spend on the armory so you can make yourself powerful (and is impossible to do so without spending, because the items are worth only in gold).

    And as for PVP, is really, really impossible to keep up in the upper leagues on PVP if you want to have a normal social life. The system is so broken that many players don’t sleep in the days near the final matches, don’t eat or something like that, because if you leave it all to the AFK AI, you’re going down hard. HARD. I myself, can’t see myself to find fun on this anymore, and because of this, out of the 1500 points necessary to stand in the highest tier (the Adamantium League), i always can’t see to battle enough to get up to even 800. Why? The system is so very broken that during a battle, 5 “AFK” battles happen, and i lose in all of them. So, i end up getting negative points when i’m struggling to keep up to where i am on my league. So, it’s impossible for me. And i have to work and do things in my life, i can’t dedicate so much time on a non-rewarding and punishing game like this.

    I am having no more fun with it, sincerely. I started about the same time as everyone, when the movie premiered. There had many fun times, especially on the Spec Ops, which is still the best part of the game. But the normal chapters and the Spec Ops itself had been so pushed forwards (like Hank Pym’s, that was the worst of all) that it’s just more of the same: always erratically storylines mashed up with “woo-hoo! you lost on the roulette? respin? respin? respin? respin?” roulettes of items that seem to be impossible to get.

    To sum it up, only people like me that had been playing this for a long time, and aren’t nutty moneyspenders (because i don’t have the means to flush money down the toilet) can see that as of now, this game is going nowhere on the fun-meter, because the developers are only concerned of making money, only this.

    Delays, delays, “sorry for this”, “sorry for that”, yeah, we understand that you guys are humans too. But you are dealing with an worldwide franchise, a game that achieved a highly “best of ” social game because WE voted, and doesn’t seem to respect its consumers (try having an bugged account, asking for help on the Playdom support, only to have a copy-pasted answer four times in a row… or even worse, go complain about something, get a TOTALLY different answer with nothing to do with you matter.. yeah, that’s it) and you got Playdom.

    It’s not fun anymore, i repeat. I keeps going like new hero->PVP->new spec ops->new 64G weapon->new hero->armory items->awful time between spec-ops-> not fun storyline->punishing game for the non-payers…

    I hope i made my point about this. A better company is needed to revamp this game. The broken promises of this developer aren’t going to mend my expectancies anymore. Almost one month over the announcement and the Season 2 isn’t getting anywhere. Way to go, Playdom. That’s how you guys spend over our money when we made Avengers Alliance the top one on social plataforms.

    • Jose Arroyo

      All of this is so true! Playdom needs to go back to the old ways with command point drops.

  • Richie

    You pretty much summed it up. Awful customer service and pvp being aimed for big spenders are my main issues with the game.

  • saburagi

    PvP, without a doubt is their money maker… you have to buy the armory and limited edition weapons to get ahead… i am a free user, unfortunately, so I can never rank up to the levels where you can get free gold / pvp season weapons / new uniforms and of course the pvp hero reward. in all 9 seasons, the highest i reached was diamond ( the rest were all silver), but i almost did not get that because I bought my way to that rank. now since i decided to play without using money, this is my reward, a cellar dweller that will never get anywhere because playdom prioritizes the rich players who can afford to buy gold for items. the perennial bad luck in the roulettes i can deal with, but not giving equal opportunity to free users in PvP, that takes the cake in my book.

  • Afel

    I don’t care about Season 2 but, GIVE US 12.2-HIGH-CP-DROP-RATE BACK!!!

    We want little green points to recruit our favorite heroes. ¬¬

    (Actually, I agree with all of you: We deserve (at last) bug fixes, a totally-not-broken PVP system, and, yes, Season 2)

  • Anonymous

    I hate PVP, I am losing sleep because of its broken system, I hate it so much that I have the urge to just throw my laptop out the window and scream “**** the hackers and cheaters” at the top of my lungs. It also making this game even more boring without Season 2 and even more infuriating with these horrible PVP season.

  • Raver Rain

    Only 2 thing piss me off
    1- pvp is full of cheater and hackers.
    2-customer service sucks. When i asked for reply they threatened to ban me. Once they gave me a reply of garden of time when i asked for marvel avenger allince. this clear shows whats it.

    and the last patch introduce more bugs than fixes . Such bugs turned the pvp meta upside down. warbound not getting removed. omega sentinel not bypassing shield. cyclops moral boost stacking an over 9000 other bugs. Such a drastic change at the even of a pvp season. how can player cope up.

  • Semreh Nai Hu

    Pvp is THE most bias game in MAA, a low level agent should not be paired on higher level agents with high pvp armory both offense and defense. how should a low level agent win? thru strategy? how if the first 3 rounds is on the enemy’s side, so how could you win?

    • Daniel

      but is it also fair that low level agents get to adamantium league while those level 300 get silver? those who played everyday to reach level that high and rewarded with 100k silver? then those who are level 10 who plays once a week get to adamantium while they are sandbagging, I’m okay with gold users because they make the game running for free, if they started the game with lots of gold and use them to get to adamantium, that’s fair because they used money, but those whining agents that used their gold idiotically is another problem, but my point is, those low level agents who get pvp heroes without any effort are not fair, they will be sandbagging until playdom fix this, my suggestion to pvp is, they use agent’s ranking not level to pair them, if you are a low level agent, level up fast to cope up with those high levels, that’s the essence of a game high levels should be strong, and low levels should be weak at first.

      • Kshitij

        Exactly. High-level players find it very difficult to make it to the higher leagues. It’s much easier for the lower levels.

        • agentKILLJOY

          look at the spartans this season, i dont think there is a single spartan with a rating over 1800. i have placed as high as 21st and made ada every season except last season. i was in ada the whole season up until the last hour where i got bombarded with attacks and many were from obvious hackers. such a joke

  • Hector

    How can people NOT be mad with all the crap that is going on at the moment with the game?

  • jeston

    i love this game but i disappointed especially in pvp i got gold league but it down to silver its really hard to get to the top only cheater and hackers win ,,,,

    • Zed Strange

      I dont cheat or hack. and I’m disappointed in your English.

      • sirkuito

        You shoul be disappointed by your own English!

        • YouFailed


          Maybe you should just leave the snarky remarks to people who have the right to make them. In this case, the one’s who spell check themselves before trying to insult. Moron.

        • YouFailedToo

          You put an apostrophe “s” when it wasn’t necessary. Smooth.

      • Mitt

        epic facepalm-moment in three, two, one!
        serious, glasshouse and stones. glasshouse and stones.

    • Danyul David

      had a hard time with those cheaters, i agree, they should be caught and banned permanently

  • Agent Dark Shadow

    It would probably be easier to list the things that DO work instead of a list of things that are buggy and don’t work…. too many to name really. PVP is a mistake. Instead of getting rid of the cheaters and hackers, they just adjust their PVP mechanics so they don’t make as much of a dent (straight rating system over a percentile system). Disappointing really…

  • Agent NovaStorm

    Ok where do i start first with this game i like to put $50 to $100 dollars into this game each pay as a player and how does playdom treat their players they roll out a broken Pvp structure for any players from Lvl 200 to Lvl 300 its extremely hard to make adamantium let alone maintain said rank this game only caters to new fan base , there should be tiers for each set of lvls with there own tournament rankings, having to compete for rankings with players under lvl 100 who maintaining getting into ada is so easy for them is a joke then throw in last day antics where u can win one battle u lose 7 in time u won ur 1 is bull, then u throw in the delay for season two the continuation of bugs in this game its time they got serious and fixed every aspect of the game that’s causing issues for me Pvp is one those main areas i would like to see fixed it needs to go live or something to that effect because really not looking forward to play all day to maintain a decent ranking go sleep wake up and said works undone,hope playdom wakes up and fixes their game hate to see a good game go into debt but at this rate anythings possible sorry for the rant but this how frustrating the pvp has become for me…

  • Dafuq

    The game is so bad at the moment that most of high lvl only stay because of the money they spent…

    • agentKILLJOY

      exactly. if i didnt have over $3500 into the game i wouldnt even play it anymore. i am level 300 and have been for months. i do my pvp battles and thats it. i rarely collect my gifts and havent collected from my 50 allies in forever

  • Alexander Zulqarnain

    Important to know! Maybe they’re having so ‘big problems’?

  • Justin John Buenaventura

    its okay,. they can give us 300cp anyway for making us wait :))))))))

    • Kshitij

      That would be great! 😛
      But you know Playdom, they would never do something like that. Plus introducing things like The Shepherd’s Staff and Angel is only going to make PvP worse than ever. 🙁

  • MrMega

    I had worked myself up to 11% in PvP before this idiotic update trashed the game/characters (characters actions or abilities are flat out gone or broken), and has yet to be addressed. I was down to under 35% before finding a new, working team combo to start working myself back up. You are not just playing another player’s “team”, you are playing against an AI with advantages you are not able to have – or as many are starting to repeatedly say in the forums: “The A.I. Cheats!”

    When two identical characters, with identical buffs/debuffs attack each other with the same attacks, there should be the same results, but not with the AI; chance of a counter can be 100% with the AI whereas you can go the entire match, or matches, without a counter happening (Wolverine). Identical characters with identical buffs attack each other with same attack and AI counter attacks but your character does nothing (K.P.).

    I do not believe support truly exists ; you get repeated, identical copy/paste replies and even one response that had nothing to do with what was written in about. Write to support about a weapon you get that specifically says it stuns (not a chance of stun, not a percentage chance of stun, just STUN) and it never stuns at all (and you tried using it for a couple days). You get a reply that says they do not accept unsolicited material suggestions. WTH? If you do not speak english, then do not answer english support questions – if you cannot copy/paste from the correct page, go back to grade school! You then find that the weapon vanishes from your inventory (I went to look up its specific name and it is literally gone)!! Well, I guess that REALLY fixed it not stunning when you used it!!!!!! Needless to say, I will NEVER buy another weapon after that, not only did it not do what it said, now it is gone instead of fixed.

    Actually amazed Marvel allows this to continue with their name on it.

    • agentKILLJOY

      support exists but only if it has to do with the money you spend. only time i spoke with an actual human was regarding a purchase transaction that went haywire. every other issue it has been the same crap. copy paste responses and a lot of pasted responses that didnt even address my original ticket

  • steve0031

    PD/Disney need to sell M:AA to a company that actually has the slightest clue about how to run the game

  • Glenn William Speake

    I am also a 300 level player. I love this game but all of the horrors already stated are true. I finally broke down and spent the money to get my pvp bonuses up so I can maybe win out of silver. I have all the hero’s with most at 12 and the rest at 11 and training everyday. I am currently in the A league of PVP but it is exhausting….so broken…they seem to pick the one you can’t beat and throw it at you over and over. Game play was meant to be fun. When the game is working and there is new content it is wonderful….sitting here with only PVP and with season 2 a month past due and just hints of a new special ops I am greatly discouraged about my favorite game. Plus…you call them and the machine tells you they have “a kick ass” customer service department….lolololololol…what a joke. They have NO customer service. They treat us like poor relations even though we are the ones paying the bills. Figure it out Playdom or step aside for a better company to take over.

    • Zed Strange

      you’re calling them?

      • Glenn William Speake

        I did call them I found their number in California. Nobody answers and the whole system is automatic. I did get a guy to call me back once about six or eight months ago but he wasn’t involved with the games and he couldn’t help me.

  • Jon James

    What I think is a bad business practice is the changing the game in the middle of the 9th inning bait and switch tactics with their weapons and characters by nerfing/altering the abilities/specs after a few weeks to a month later. You will buy a character or a weapon for a certain ability only to have its programming changed without notice, therefore not getting what you initially paid for to begin with, the thing that bothers me the most about that is their thief in the night approach to such things and how every time it happens they do not communicate with the customer base ahead of time to let us know of the change. There are too many characters and weapons to list, which should give you an idea on how prevalent this practice is by Playdom. If they were to at least give the customer base a heads up before altering such content, it would be step in the right direction which of course leads us to the subject of the article which is communication with the customer base.

  • Ichimaru Gin

    Fix your support ( i have 3 ongoing tickets ofr over a month. I keep getting automated answers and the replies i get have nothing to do with what i asked…), fix you communication with customers. Fix the countless bugs that keep appearing after you fix something (its like Hydra, fix a bug two more will appear!), try to actually do something about the hackers at last and try to fix the many problems pvp has. ( matchmaking, AFK defenses ratio, point system and also make it more viable for casual players and begginers). And most important…keep your word! When you say you will release something on a specific date you must be 100% sure beforehand that everything is ready! What you did with season 2 shows amateurism and its unnaceptable.

  • Angry MAA Player

    Marvel needs to find a better developer if they want anymore of my money.

  • Wayno

    PVP is so rigged to “steal” our money. Just once I would like to have a fair fight against another opponent, one that isn’t skewed in one person or the other’s favor. Playdom has it rigged so that one person or the other is always stronger or uses bonuses like extra turns. It seems to happen to me when I cross the threshold into the next level, IE Gold to Diamond. My character suddenly loses every bonus.

  • Mr. Tony

    Every purchase i’ve made has turned into a slap down, I’m playing people that have bought weapons to boost their bonus points, 22 neurotrope’s. PVP should never let one opponent start with all three of their players in a row, it should be every other turn. The computer chooses the winner before you play, its getting old. The guy with one win who is at 2542 pisses me off, obvious hacker/ cheater and nothing is done. weak

  • agentKILLJOY

    level 300 and have been for months as well. i was also a beta tester. with the lack of communication, terrible customer service, over priced items (le 64 gold items), constant bugs, lack of content, no content for maxed out players, and PVP this game should never have won game of the year. right now there is no spartan who can get over a 1700 rating in PVP. this is a huge error in programming, meaning we are screwed this season. look at the top ten. we have a player with 1 attack and one with 60 or some crap. with PVP being the focus of the game now PD has dropped the ball in the biggest way possible. they take away our challenge points and pretty much all the free links. this says one thing to me, Playdom only wants our $$$$ and never planned for this to be a long term game. its a cash grab. as a former “wallet warrior” with over $3500 and top ten PVP’er in the game, i will not spend another dime until there are some major changes. how long have we been reporting these cheaters and their hacks. many of us have submitted concrete proof of certain players hacking and still nothing is done. we see them season after season robbing honest paying players out of their deserved rewards. you would think after a terrible season like the current one they would just scrap it and give everyone the rewards as a sign of good faith and wait to start the next season until it is working properly (fixed bugs, matchmaking system, and the cheaters are dealt with or their hacks are patched)

  • Dale Brown

    if playdom would properly test their patches before adding them it would help, also stop putting ridiculous pvp bonuses on items that cost $15 each, the 2 gold each pvp items should be more than enough, the 64gx60 wallet warriors are undeniable proof that playdumb only wants money and does not care one bit about their player base

  • timvandeschraaf

    I have maxed out everything in the game and have moved on the Marel Heroes Online. Gazillion is a developer that cares and welcomes input from their peers. The only drawback is its not as social as MAA, but is still free and has a lot more content. I find it hard to believe that MAA was selected as the social game of the year. Social starts with the developer which is non-existent. Its clear Playdom is just interested in $$$. These comments coming from a player that started with the game, has all heroes, and has been maxed out at level 300 for months.

  • auggie

    If Playdom would actually communicate with their players, that would help immeasurably.

    • Brian

      I totally agree with you

  • Brian

    We players are very angry at the game, it sucks and no one is talking to us at all.

  • Neda Giancaspro

    Playdom can give us free gold because of this delay,and make PVP battle more apropriate for normal online players who don’t spend money on the game.

  • stefanos

    they need to at least keep us informed on whats going on that would be nice

  • James Griffin

    Hope they don’t pull a Dragon Age! Coming soon, and then close up shop. Or Deep Realms, for that matter. Playdom has disappointed for years now!

    • NgTurbo

      I’ve seen what goes on first hand… and it’s disappointing to say the least. I wonder if Marvel actually pay attention to how they run the game as well.

    • Brujj

      Except Dragon Age: Inquisition (read DA3) is coming out…

  • Vincent Gin Valentine


  • Vincent Gin Valentine


  • Vincent Gin Valentine

    Playdom is suck~!!! All they know is come out idea to earn our real money and never come back with any reward in the year end.