BBM for Android and iPhone could release in Sept

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 11, 2013

BlackBerry has really left the launch of BBM for Android and iPhone wide open thanks to a vague release window. Most of our readers know that both apps are due this summer, but that window lasts well into September and could mean BBM might not launch on either iPhone or Android until late September.

The confusion over a tweet stating BBM for Android would release at the end of June is well documented. This tweet was even retweeted on an official T-Mobile account before being deleted after realizing it was originally shared on a fake Twitter account.

Now that June is well and truly over, users look towards July, August and Sept as the longest they’d have to wait if BlackBerry sticks to their word of a summer release. This means we could be looking at up to two months before BBM for Android and iPhone arrives.

Reactions to the demand for BBM are mixed – we know schools in the UK are buzzing about the need for BBM on Android and iPhone, which comes from a lot of these teenagers using the app on a BlackBerry device before moving to iOS or Android.

Feedback we have seen includes a lot of desire for the app, “BBM was amazing. I want it so bad” said one teen. Another stated, “BBM was the only BlackBerry app I missed when I moved to Android”.

Others are not so confident and this is clearly seen in this comment, “I think it is too late for BBM, no one knows when it will release and by the time it does all the other apps have users covered. If BBM is to stand a chance on Android and iPhone they need to launch now”.

Do you think BlackBerry should give a release date for BBM on Android and iPhone, or is it best to leave it open to save further disappointment?

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  • leanne bundza

    I think bbm should give a release date I’ve moved to iPhone and miss bbm and I think we should give it a chance put it out there and let ppl decide if they want to use the app or not. I know I will just cos I’m on whatsapp doesn’t mean I ain’t got ppl on bbm I will still use bbm to

  • Robert

    I dont care with BBM now.. we have whatapps, line, wechat. lot of my partner leave bbm now..

  • Anon

    Developing an app isn’t even that difficult. I understand cross platform compatablity is slightly harder but come on blackberry! You take way too long to do anything. No one cares anymore.

  • jim sloan

    If they want BBM now, buy a BlackBerry. Otherwise, wait!

  • Kurt Windibank

    ER he stated BBM Channels august
    BBM cross platform summer.

    Summer ends sept 21.

    I don’t get your article.

    They haven’t missed or disappointed as long as it launches by then…as stated.

    Pointless article

    • Tony

      Nobody has mentioned BBM channels, I think this guy can’t read. Go elsewhere.

  • Kurt Windibank

    hey…smart guy….Heins announced at ER that it launches in August. Great reporting.

    • BOB

      That’s news to me, source? I think you are wrong, official statement is still “Summer”

    • You Are wrong, BlackBerry Messenger has no release date for Android and iOS yet. Nothing other than “Summer”