PS4, Xbox One games from EA with warning

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2013

We told you not too long ago that both Sony and Microsoft had officially priced their respective PS4 and Xbox One games at $60, the same retail price as current software titles for the PS3 and Xbox One. At the time, doubts started to appear after first-party, not third-party games were only mentioned frequently. Now we know the real reason for this, as EA has now confirmed their PS4 and Xbox One prices and it looks like you are going to have to pay more for their games.

As far as we’re aware, EA hasn’t made a big statement about this (why would they?) but it looks like the information has been inadvertently revealed thanks to a retailer FAQ from GAME in the UK. Consumers are usually used to paying around £40-45 for a new game after a general retail price of £50, but we can tell you that EA are set to raise their prices in the transition to next-gen.

GAME has confirmed that EA has already set their PS4 and Xbox One RRP price with them, as their games will have a full retail price of £54.99. This means that you could be paying £55 for the likes of Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14 when the consoles launch, which is obviously a price that many of you will feel is simply too high in today’s economic climate.

Also bear in mind that if EA are increasing their retail prices in the UK, it also means that they are almost certain to do it in the US as well. £55 translates to around $80, but it is slightly ridiculous to think that EA would have the guts to charge consumers $80 for PS4 and Xbox One games in the US when Sony and Microsoft will be charging $60 for their first-party games.

It’s also worth pointing out that EA is the only third-party publisher so far to confirm prices, we haven’t seen what the likes of Bethesda, Ubisoft and Capcom plan to do with their own games yet. You should also take into consideration that actual street prices can differ, so we may still see prices on EA games lower than the full £55 tag.

What do you make of this though? Would you be shocked if you see EA games priced at £55 or $80 from EA, but $60 and £45 games from all other publishers?

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  • Kyubey32

    EA haven’t made anything decent since Dead Space 2(DS1 is still better).

  • Anomonos

    EA is going to lose so much money, but the kids that don’t buy their games aren’t going to care.

  • Wayne Tannian

    They will charge more for the games…They may even spend more money making the games ….But will the games be better then they are now ….NO they will just cost more and still give you water down experience than small time inde team

  • Ty Brown

    What the hell is going on with EA? I mean, I took a break from consoles and built a PC and I never spent more than $30 on a game because of Steam. Why can’t consoles do this?! I don’t even like spending more than $50 on a game… I mean, if it’s a brand new AAA title being $60, I understand, but come on. I think $60 is expensive already, and I work full time.

  • Alex Ortiz

    Gaming Crash of 1983 is slowly repeating itself. I guess this industry will never learn.

  • locsphere

    They just don’t f-ing learn do they? If it isn’t gouging us for DLC, and giving us rushed games with half A$%ED endings, they are going to charge how much and I bet you they’ll keep their DLC model. Boycotting them and Bioware will never be easier!

  • Veleran Vala

    Step 1 : increase price to 80$
    Step 2 : watch people’s reaction
    Step 3 : Come out saying it isnt true and revert it back to 60$
    Step 4 : Release game half of its content then at 60$
    Step 5 : Sell the other half as DLC for 20$
    Step 6 : EA still wins

    • Danny

      Lol Im not gonna pay shitt for games anymore. Its a good thing that the people of skidrow exist and keep hacking the shitt out of EA games.

      • James Bauer

        This is one of the reason companies keep charging more for games…oh the irony.

        • Erik Kowalsky

          No, it’s not a reason for charging more. Are you an idiot?

    • R4G3

      Agreed, but increase DLC costs to $10, $15, & $15 for a total of $40 in DLC. Add the game before taxes and you pay $99.99

    • Ted Romanowski


  • bjsguess

    Anyone that pays $60 for a game today is a chump. So many deals at launch that you should get AT LEAST $10 off. I haven’t paid more than $40 for a launch 360 game in 2 years. The deals are out there and they are not hard to find.
    Aside from that – this is a very poorly written and researched article. You simply cannot convert pricing between the Euro or Pound to US dollars. Most products today that are sold in the US and England will carry a lower price in the States.
    Aside from that, it would be gaming suicide to charge $80 for your titles when every other publisher is at $60. There isn’t a precedent for it and I don’t see EA (which is the worst) being a trend setter.

    • Dan

      I would have to disagree with you on your second and third points. The article has been well researched: They found a Q&A for a retailer, outlining possible or probable pricing information for upcoming products, which is about as good research can get when the company hasn’t officially come out and said, “Our games will be X price.”
      And sure, some products can be and are cheaper in the States than they are here, the new consoles themselves being amongst some examples, however if we look at $60 converted with current values into £, it comes out to the nearest Pound as £39, just £1 shy of the price usually paid for new games on say Amazon UK. So whilst you are technically correct in that the prices may differ between nations, to say that you “simply cannot convert pricing between the Euro or Pound to US dollars.” is slightly unfounded.
      With regards to EA’s business practices, the fact is that they have, in recent years, not been the most consumer friendly company. They recently scrapped online passes, sure, but they shovel so much DLC for their games to squeeze out that profit, and titles like Battlefield or FIFA will sell on name alone, so they could quite logically assume that pushing the prices up and using the excuse that it’s next-gen tech will slide in a lot of cases.
      Whilst they may not set a trend, they’ll stick to it regardless of public opinion that is anything other than a boycott. To illustrate the point, cast your mind back to Mass Effect 3. Thousands if not millions of gamers cried out for a new ending from EA and BioWare, signing petitions, raising money for charity, etc. to get their attention. All EA and BioWare ended up doing was releasing some extra cutscenes that didn’t change the story at all and still left plot holes and a lack of clarity. From this, we can assume that as long as people buy the games in the first instance, no matter how much they complain after the fact, EA will continue to do it.

      (Also, completely unrelated but you mention differing prices between England and the US, but it’s the British Pound, not the English one. We Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish use it too, so please don’t call us all English, it’s a slight pet peeve of mine, thanks.)

  • Stephen

    These companies are so worried about piracy and claim that they loose tons of money…. this is why.

  • jesse

    I won’t be shocked cause i dont buy ea games anyway… just because i dont want to support a company who totally isn’t consumer friendly. Thats obviously the reason why they won the worst company in the us award.

  • Kimchi Team

    This is the stupidest thing I ever seen. EA better get back on track.

  • Gene Roman

    EA should be paying people $80 to play their games.

  • Guest

    80 dollars for a game EA is out of their minds!!!!!!!!

  • XTomanoX4h

    hahahahahhah 80$? u can put btf4 up ur ass EA!!!!!!

  • Lorin Lavelle

    I’m not shocked at all. I expect these kind decisions out of EA. The customer is our personal toilet for which we are entitled to give as much crap as we want and expect nothing but thanks for feeding the poor, undernourished lot

  • General Derp

    EA’s new slogan should be “charge for everything”.

  • Matthew

    EA is doing this to make up for 2 things:

    1. Everyone in Maxis is abandoning ship after the Simcity 2013 flop. As well as so many people wanting to get a refund since technically the game is still broken.

    2. A few months ago, EA announced it’s stopping online passes. They’re doing this to make up for the lost revenue.

    • General Derp

      Why should consumers have to pay for their mistake and for restrictions they enacted before? Why can’t they just make quality titles we would be happy to throw money at? As much as I want titanfall and star wars 1313 (should it come out) I’m not paying $80 to get it.


    So, what happens if you have already pre ordered BF4, will I have to go into Game Stop and pay another $20?”

    • Ian Feaster

      Same, if they tell me I have to pay $20 more I am going to tell them to ram it up their asses.

  • Noah Tillberg Parkes

    Im not buying any game from ea ever again

  • Seven

    well guess im not getting mirror’s edge 2 if its gonna cost $80 btw if EA is doing this the why is battlefield 4 on the ps4 and xbox one $60?

  • Mason

    ScumBag EA

  • Guest

    EA is a bunch of FAAAAGOOOOOTS!

  • Jason

    not a big deal i dont buy ea games in years since they make garbage games nfs undercover i love
    dragon age origins keep freezing on my and my disc have no scratches and that happen i bought it off the dashboard still freeze in the same spot nfs now there no story thats fine but u lose connection to the autolog all the tiem so wont keep track of ur time thats why i stop buying NFS games sports games i care less about mass effect games i never got into them ea can charge 1 buck or 1 million and i wont buy them since there games to me r garbage

  • Byron

    This has the word “confirmed” in it far too many times for a rumor article.

  • shark_tsuki

    $70 is ok but $80 is too much for a half finished game that will have DLC and microtransactions.

    • growabrain


      • neelmay


        • SurvivalPolicy™


        • Noah Tillberg Parkes


        • Kam

          no…wtf is wrong with you!

        • tebowdragon15

          ea paid him t osay that

    • Mason

      $70 is NOT ok

    • General Derp

      Even $60’s too much for glorified DLC titles like the Madden Series and Fifa. What makes you think they’re so special that they warrant an extra $10?

      • shark_tsuki

        I said $70 is ok for games that don’t have DLC & microtransactions. Games like witcher 3 are totally worth $70.

  • John Ezetta

    Haha, I like the money behind EA’s symbol. Fits it perfectly!

  • 6608zz

    I play on Nintendo, so I don’t have to worry about EA. If games cost 80$ each from developers, I just won’t buy them. Nintendo has perfectly good exclusives which will cost 60$ so I’ll live.

    I also brought us from 69 to 70 comments :3

    • growabrain

      yaaaa mario for the 9999999999 time!

  • Shane Muellemann

    So then why was my pre-order, that is paid in full, only $59.99?

  • Shadoe Phillips

    It’s like they WANT to go bankrupt.

  • maddie

    EA’s gonna be bankrupt if they do this. I haven’t bought an EA game in years simply because they’re such jerks. And I’m not the only one. But at $80? They’re gonna lose what fan base they do have left. Hahahaha…what idiots.

  • Fujiyama Panic

    Thing is… games have more content better graphics and a whole lot more features.
    Even though it’s expensive it does kinda make sense.

    I myself can’t even imagine how they make these games.

    And people who complain about high prices are usually those who buy 5+games per week.
    And that’s just stupid. I’m playing Kingdom’s of Amalur on XBox360º and that for almost a year now and I have not completed it yet.

    If you speed run every game, don’t complain about prices.

    • Quineloe

      Thing is, the market is bigger than it has ever been, so with more sales automatically comes more revenue.

      Also I like how you invalidate peoples opinions because they enjoy playing games in a different way than you do.

    • Logan Robertson

      You’re pretty naive and ignorant if you think the price hikes are based on any kind of economic formula.

      They know that there are all kinds of foolish consumers out there just begging to part with their cash… like you. You’ll bend over and take the price hike all the while convincing yourself that it’s justified.

      Anyone who purchases EA products at this point is a complete moron.

    • LOLWAT

      pc has much better graphics than these consoles and its CHEAPER!

      • Travion

        NO PC isnt cheaper for the ones that are better than the console.

    • Funk Derp

      argument from ignorance right there, if you have no idea how it works, DONT GIVE YOUR OPINION’ WHAT OPINION? YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

    • Jim

      Dude, are you serious? Games are actually starting to have LESS content NOT more, and the graphics are only improved slightly.

    • Tyler

      What a retarded comment! I thought asians were supposed to be smart!

    • Isaac

      Wow, you must be very naive to think that stuff, my brain is starting to hurt right now because of your retared comment……

    • Marcuss2

      Well they only copy-paste each game, just make minor graphical improvance.

    • Travion

      UH games with high quality should stay at $60. You must be a casual gamer as you accept higher prices. People buy games as entertainment and when it gets too high we’ll complain because us real MLG gamers have a constitution and rights to complain. WE run the gaming industry, we don’t like it, we don’t buy it. We don’t buy it, they go broke, simple as that.

    • growabrain

      stop casual

  • Ernesto Caudillo

    I learned my lesson long ago. Who would pay for an EA game nowadays? and at that price non the less.

  • Jerry

    Why would I still be buying games from a company voted worst company in America twice?

    • s0z3tt4sl0w


  • Itachi2099

    How ’bout…you go f#ck yourself,EA?

  • Ryan Gliebe

    At $80 a pop for future EA games, should they actually interest me, I almost should expect artbooks, OSTs and possibly free DLC when I pick up my game… those ARE Collector’s Edition prices, after all.

    • prometheus126

      Nope. Expect nothing like that, even more expensive Collector’s Edition prices and day one DLC.

      • s0z3tt4sl0w

        Hence my sarcasm and lack of enthusiasm in purchasing any future EA products.

  • Sue

    EA over-promises features in all their games but slowly strips out the talent from companies after they acquire them. Now they want more money? uhh….

  • ★LK★ ☆ThE sHoW oFF★

    EA are nothing but con artists..

  • Ulysses Velunta

    That’s why EA is the worst company in the world! they are defending their title!

    • Minty Freshbeats

      worst part is, people will rage, & a majority will still buy it like the sheep they are…

  • poop on my boobds

    oh my god we already pay that much in australia stop complaining about an extra 5 pounds per game

    • prometheus126

      With that name, I worry about you EA fanboy.

    • Mobius

      >implying that this price hike won’t raise prices for Aussies as well

      Okay, go on sneering. I’ll just wait for your tears later.

    • Funk Derp

      how much is the minimum salary in AUS again?

      thats economics for you.

  • Francisco Garay

    The truth is EA is probably the biggest enemy to gamers and the gamer industry. Imagine paying $80 for Madden or Fifa. It’s the same game every year, with the least amount of work put into them.

    They are cheating us. Join me in my boycott, spread the word, and don’t buy EA period or don’t complain.

  • Francisco Garay

    I haven’t bought any EA games in 2 years. Nut up and boycott their BS games. They’ve done nothing but harm gaming and gamers in general.

    • ButthurtMacintoshcomputer

      I’ve never bought an EA game. And it looks like I never will :

  • Anynomous45

    EA is the kind of company that repeatedly bullshts their way through things. They seem to always get flack but to them it’s like a tap on the shoulder. So glad they aren’t “adjusting” prices on PC copies of the game or I’d just stop buying their garbage.

  • Geoffro Froude

    OH WAHHH AMERICANS!!! We pay that normally for any game and upwards to near $119.95 for BRAND NEW GAMES! I think Americans should stop complaining! An average American Game is 59.95 and average Australian Game is like 89.95.

    • Jacomer2

      Stop taking it up the ass and boycott if you don’t like it.

    • PlaysWithSquirrels

      How about instead of paying RIDICULOUS prices for games, buy the NA release, buy them used, buy them at a discounted price, or just don’t buy it at all. Gamers being vocal is integral and if us gamers speak up and act, we will get treated the way we should.

      How about you stop bitching and actually act.

      • Francisco Garay


      • boobs pooper

        you realise games are region locked right. and then there’s shipping costs

      • Geoffro Froude

        Only “new” games I purchase and that is a rare occasion is if a game truly sparks my interest, so far I have only brought 3 brand new games rest are used or at sale prices etc.

    • Francisco Garay

      You guys pay more because that’s what you are willing to pay. If I was Aussie I wouldn’t pay that. Get enough of you guys together, and you could change the market.

    • Funk Derp

      Australia minimum wage: 16.37
      US minimum wage: 7.25

      Us Aus rate :1.083

      Aus minumum wage in Us : 15.11$

      You pay two times more becaue you have two times the money, basic economics please.

      • Geoffro Froude

        Really? One would think that if the companies are happy selling an item for X amount a dollars in one country and getting sales of said game or product it would only be natural to assume that in a country that has a batter economy that has more money etc the would sell alot more copies at a cheaper price.

        • Funk Derp

          do you mean to say that companies should use their judgement instead of trying to milk the most money out of everyone, no matter the end result?

          Thats capitalism for you.

    • kagadotto

      And expect a price increase in australia with this ;-).

  • disqus_cr1LQhDIp8

    EA will not get another cent of my money. Boycott ! spread the word on Twitter…this is garbage.

  • tommy

    Light Twitter up….BOYCOTT EA games…

  • Fload Tillaad

    I know which consoles I’m not buying!

  • Dollow Rlance

    Steam sell only!

  • Walt

    More reason to avoid all EA games like the plague. Hope they rot.

  • Realtata01

    I was going to buy Battlefield 4 but after this news I won’t be supporting these money grubbing whores.

  • Killswitchmad

    exexpexpeexpeexpecexpectexpectexpect nearlyNot sure why everyone is getting so worked up, Have you all joined gaming this gen?

    Higher prices for games on a new console have been the norm for as long as I can remember, it’s actually M$ and Sony going against the norm by keeping their prices low.

    What people need to realise is that a new gen basically hits the reset button so AAA titles won’t be hitting the huge sales they are now for a year or so therefore the dev NEED to increase prices to ensure profit.

    • sdmac200600

      Actually game prices has been falling. back in even the late 90s, games were 80-90 bucks. They just started going back up and they only went up 10 bucks. EA is talking about bumping the price up 20 bucks

      • Marcuss2

        Well games actually came with HUGE AMAZING BOX FULL OF GOODIES, not just floppys or CDs, but also cards, colorful manual, sometimes even a T-shirt!, now boxes are hell cheap plastic with one or two DVDs and Black and white manual

  • Flare Demon

    Well f*** EA I won’t be buying Battlefield 4.

  • fb

    Then they have day 1 dlc and more and not to mention micro transactions now in nearly all new games. Just pure greed.

  • shark_tsuki

    I always get EA games used. I spend minimum for the dlc. I dont want them to have my money.

  • GamingIndustries

    HAHA! Silly EA. We are NOT paying $20 more for games that aren’t even that good. I mean, Dead Space was ok, but the way Dead Space 3 was presented killed the series. Their sport games aren’t all that good. Never was a fan of Madden. It was the same thing every year.. Nothing changing. I mean, instead of releasing a new game every year, how about just releasing a patch or update, to make the rosters more current. NBA Live failed after 2K. EA’s MMA was horrible compared to UFC Undisputed. Fifa is the only game anyone really enjoys, but I don’t think people are going to pay $80 for a game.. People gotta eat! Gas is to high! Peanut Butter is $4 a jar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m guessing EA is trying to pull a Microsoft… Lets screw the customers.. They’ll still buy our games! HA! I’m cutting EA out just like I’m doing Call of Duty…. How dare Activision sell us the same game for 6 years! Never again.

  • dirkradke

    The free market will decide. I seriously doubt they will be able to get away with charging more than current prices for a standard game especially since Sony and Microsoft doesn’t think the market will support a higher price. If they did they would charge it. Video games ARE an expensive hobby after all.

  • James Bauer

    What is a bigger kick in the nuts – EA increasing the prices of their games, or EA increasing the prices of their games only in Europe?

    • rahulkadukar

      In India, EA games used to cost 1499 INR which is around $30. They have increased the price for BF4 preorder to 3499 or $70.

      FFS the average salary here is around $100/month (or even less).Plus day 1 DLC, I sincerely hope EA burns and dies 🙂

  • Brandon Alexander

    Honestly, if they try to charge me $80 for a game. Ill just stick with the exclusives.

  • Aidan

    to be fair, raising prices to £55 standard will just see more and more people wait for preowned. They’ll see even less money with this move in my opinion.

  • Timothy Hurst

    They promised no more online passes, with DRM, and online check in going byebye, they raise game prices. Looks like they will get all that is coming to them one way or another, but not from me. I was excited about BF 4, but now it looks like I will have to settle for another Call of Duty, or I guess there is always Killzone.

  • MarketForcesUnleashed

    In their defence, games will cost more to develop (maybe not the ones that will be cross-generational though) as the hardware can do more which means more detail/effects etc that will mean more man hours from programmers/designers. Besides, there is a lot of competition out there, so if EA are gouging and they do cost the same as current gen to develop, then other publishers will be able to price lower and still generate a profit which would force EA to follow suit. I am a little concerned as I am in Australia and we already pay close to AUD 110 for AAA standard editions (Gamestop/EB Games prices) although you can get them for around AUD90 from some retailers. This is why I would rather they spend more on the consoles and charge us more for even better hardware. If this EA rumour is true, a new PS4 in Australia will cost the same as 4 new AAA standard editions. However, I remeber everyone moaning about the price of the fat PS3, so I suppose they couldn’t really make it better but more costly. It seems like software is overpriced and/or hardware underpriced. It is likeb uying a new car that costs the same as 4 tanks of petrol…crazy.

    • q

      They just want more money to market their games with because that’s the only way people are going to buy 5 hour games for $60+. They have to make it seem like its the new hot thing every one is playing. The Witcher 2 has better graphics than any console game and they made it for under 10 mil.

  • Amine Dassouki

    Honestly, EA is an overrated company and not worth my 80 bucks a title. Fuck..that… Id rather play Killzone on day one than BF4 with my PS4 anyhow.

  • Ben

    Honestly, this is ridiculous. I am from the U.S and I am beyond pissed about the fact the price is being risen in the UK. If we have to pay 80 dollars for a game I’m canceling my 8 preorders for games coming out with the ps4. Nobody should have to be bankrupt for wanting to play video games. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Boss

    How long until they bring back online passes?

  • Rubicon Development

    “We’re putting up prices, just a little bit, because we found an excuse to.”

    They can’t possibly have accurate math that games will be 10% more expensive to develop.

    • abberjam

      10% more? youre joking right? £40 to £55 is a hike of 38%

      • Rubicon Development

        Um yes. oops, lol. My mind had $50 for the normal price and make it quid. Wrong on both counts, but the point still stands. Games cost different money to develop, this increase is because they can, not because any particular one has to.

        • abberjam

          I absolutely agree. This is EA throwing it’s toy out of the pram because they ditched online passes thinking that they had us cornered with DRM. Now the DRM is gone and they are pissed. This price hike is punishment and greed, plain and simple. I won’t be buying EA products for more than 40 quid. I already boycotted their DLC (12 months and still strong), looks like I might be boycotting EA all together, certainly their £40+ titles

  • Wasif Hasan

    So like the same thing xbox had earlier and people were pissed about?

  • Brian Brotherton

    This is BS!
    I mean, c’mon, can’t someone come up with a way to allow game publishers to profit off of used game sales to reduce how much they charge us! Don’t forget, money used towards video games is affected in no way by inflation, and increased technology absolutely does NOT lead to increased prices for game development.
    Like, require games to be installed on HDDs and make it so when a game is sold to a 3rd party company it is tracked so that when the company re-sells it the publisher will get a portion of the profits? They can just have the system check in every 24 hours or so to make sure people aren’t just copying games to all of their friend’s systems. It would be so simple! And since the publishers wouldn’t be losing a ton of money on used games, we wouldn’t have to pay SO much for new games.
    Man, console designers are stupid for not thinking of some sort of system like this.

    In all seriousness though, they should at least have a digital marketplace with cheaper prices to encourage gamers to move to digital. It would lower the amount of used games on the market and also take away from the price of boxing and distributing. Just require an internet connection for all games to install to avoid pirated software. All good games coming out are going to require internet connection anyway.

    • just saying

      Or don’t buy their overpriced products that will cut the price down , now excuse me I gotta go to cancel my BF4 preorder

    • Dakan45

      NO just NO take a look at pc. No used sales and the price is the same. The extra 10 bucks are for console royality fees, yet pc doesnt have royalities and they are priced the same. Ea argued that digital distrubution is expensive, yet steam is having summer deals that gives you game -66% cheaper of their oginal prices resulting some games to go for 10-20 bucks, even under 10 bucks.

      Origin however EA’s digital market is priced the same.

      Some companies are Greedier than others. If you are still not convinced, ea said that they raised prices in india because people changed regions to get games cheaper.

      Long story short, dont buy ea games and they will change their tune, just like they did with online passes.

    • bg

      Why should dev/pubs be the only companies that profit from a second hand sale, penguin books don’t ask for a hand out when you get that second hand copy of Pride and Prejudice or Levi asking where’s my cut when you hand your old pair of jeans to goodwill or to a family member. Their is no difference at all they are all products and they have already made the sale and received their cut. Also on the plus side those people who buy second hand may buy dlc or use micro transactions or may even like the game so much they buy the next version straight away brand new. It comes down to greed because now they have the ability to prevent sales with internet console’s where in the past they did not have the access.