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Sony PS4 stock fears after GameStop block

We hope that those of you who were planning to order a Sony PS4 from GameStop in the US have already placed an order, as we can tell you that the retailer has now sent out word that their initial stock allocation has now dried up completely. The US retailer is no longer accepting pre-orders for the next-gen console and hopefully it’s not an initial warning that Sony will have problems meeting demand by the time the 2013 Holiday season approaches.

If you head to GameStop’s website now, you will be greeted with the message ‘not available’, which may disappoint some consumers who were previously under the assumption that GameStop had an apparent ‘unlimited’ stock level of PS4 units ready for consumers to order at any time they wanted.

That is obviously not the case though any more and it could mean that GameStop cannot guarantee release on day one for those that haven’t already placed an order with the retailer. While GameStop may be halting all PS4 orders at the moment, that obviously doesn’t stop you from looking elsewhere for Sony’s next console.

Amazon are still taking orders at the moment, so that could be one alternative for you if you really want to reserve a console for the Holiday launch. We have a feeling though that most of you are waiting until the very last moments, for the time when retailers will bite the bullet and offer some crazy incentives such as free games or accessories to ensure that you buy the PS4 with them.

Hopefully we won’t see a similar situation as to what we saw with the original Wii launch, when it became extremely difficult to order one around the launch period, with stock not becoming available after several weeks past the launch date. Sony knows too well that they can’t afford to have any stock problems with their PS4, so hopefully this is just a minor hiccup and GameStop will be taking orders once again next week.

Have you ordered your PS4 from GameStop already? Let us know if you plan to play the risk game and wait until the final weeks to secure some extra incentives.



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