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PS4 Vs Xbox One for musical fans

If you consider yourself to be a gaming neutral or proudly belong to either the PC, PS4 or Xbox One fan bases, we have a video which we’re sure you’ll enjoy now. We often see ‘fanboy’ discussions going slightly over the top when it comes to boasting each system’s respective potential, but here’s a brand new way of explaining the argument – in musical form.

The brilliant folks over at AVByte’s YouTube channel have come up with a West Side Story spin-off, using the current dramas over Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles to put a smile on your faces this week. We see two separate teams take each other on in a musical duel, explaining reasons why the PS4 and Xbox One are better than each other.

Not to be undone, there is also a third party that enters the scene during the clip – two individuals that use their musical talent to explain why PC is actually the best choice for gaming, not a next-generation console from Sony or Microsoft. The clip makes a lot more sense if you have seen some of the classic musicals down the years but if not – it’s still an amusing watch.


Pay attention to the included subtitles as well to really study what is being said in relation to advantages of each particular console or PC. This is exactly one example of why YouTube is so great and also a light-hearted reminder that console wars really don’t have to be so violent and fueled with aggression.

Regardless of your true feelings towards PC, Xbox One or PS4, check out the video above and let us know what you thought of it. Alternatively, let us know some of your favorite YouTube clips which also discuss the topic of PS4 Vs Xbox One in a humorous way.



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