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iPhone 6 and 5S covering different materials

Over the past few months rumors towards both a metal iPhone 6 and plastic iPhone 5S have been increasing, although this news has confused some people wondering what model would release in September.

We might be seeing leaks of plastic and metal thanks to two models launching rather than just one. This possibility has been mentioned for months as well, so looking at our article earlier today revealing a plastic iPhone 5S/5 could tally up with the multi model theory.

If we do see a low cost iPhone 5 or 5S in plastic, then you can be sure that the specs will be lower as well. The idea that plastic alone would bring down the cost is incorrect, so be ready for lower specification as well if you want a cheaper iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6 with glass and aluminum – today, we have a new concept design to showcase thanks to Philipp Tusch and You can see the full specs for this iPhone 6 concept via the above link, but in a nutshell they include an all-new-design that is thinner a lighter.

You will find new color options, a glowing Apple logo, 4.5-inch display that’s edge-to-edge and finally a touch-sensitive home button.


We have already heard from some of our readers that think plastic is fine with the iPhone 6, as long as it is used constructively with metal. Let us know what you think of this glass and metal iPhone 6 concept, and if you had a choice of a mainly plastic model or this, what would you choose?

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