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iPhone 5 budget pictures show plenty of plastic

We have been hearing rumors about a low-cost iPhone 5 in 2013 for many months, but this could be the first genuine look at how the elusive device may look like in the flesh. If you think the iPhone 5 is currently too expensive, feast your eyes on this new alternative, which could be encased completely in a plastic body upon release.

We have already seen Samsung show how popular a budget version of existing flagship smartphones can be, with the 2013 availability of the Galaxy S4 Mini. HTC will also soon follow with a similar plan of their own and release a miniature version of the fan-favorite HTC One.

Now, it looks like Apple will unveil their answer to a low-cost iPhone which could debut alongside a full refresh to the iPhone 5, with a 5S that looks set for a Fall 2013 release. Pictures of the alleged cheaper iPhone have turned up online, courtesy of TechDy who state that components of the low-cost model have come from Taiwan.

We doubt that this is on the same level as the infamous prototype iPhone 4 saga with Gizmodo and Apple, but what we see here does look like a pretty polished product with Apple’s traditional style touches. Notes from TechDy add that the device will be predominantly be based on plastic, but will still feature a 4-inch display like the iPhone 5.

Another important thing to note is that Techdy has said that the feel of the device in their hands does not feel ‘cheap’ at all, despite what you may initially think after seeing the images. They have included a hands-on preview video as well, which we’re included below for you to check out.

It looks like this could be the real deal, but would you be interested in buying a low-cost iPhone 5 based on this design? We think it actually looks quite nice, especially considering it’s similar to the design of Apple’s iPod products. Take a look at all of the images and video, then give us your verdict on this.



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