GTA V gameplay satisfies viewers

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 9, 2013

Hearing that we would finally be seeing Grand Theft Auto V gameplay today brought about excitement and high expectations, although most fans knew that it would likely deliver thanks to the excellent track record Rockstar Games has.

Above you can see the official GTA V gameplay trailer and along with it some explanation of what the developers were trying to achieve. Earlier today we published the expected release time for what Rockstar call the “Gameplay Video” and not trailer 3, so now it is here we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

GTA V gameplay satisfies viewers – at the time of writing the official gameplay video has over 130,000 views on YouTube, and this video has been liked more than 161,000 times. This compares to just 1,300 dislikes, so it is pretty clear that the GTA V gameplay is an overwhelming success so far in terms of fan feedback.

What do you think of the first GTA V gameplay? If you haven’t already pre-ordered GTA V, then you can still do so before the September 17 release date. Rockstar warn that this gameplay video might be “inappropriate for children”.

We would also love to know if there is any details you still want to know about. Personally, we want to see the cheats system expanded and still play GTA 4 most weekends. The cheats are amazing to this day, but we would love to see even better cheats in GTA 5.

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  • Tony

    I’m satistified but show it running on 360 other than that go gta 5 gta5 gta 5 !!!!!