GTA V news hope at GamesCom 2013

By Alan Ng - Jul 8, 2013

Rockstar recently unveiled two new screenshots for GTA V as part of the 2013 Independence Day celebrations. Now, we look forward to the next major news reveal for the game and now we have learned that this may come at GamesCom 2013 in Germany next month. Take-Two has been spotted on the exhibitor list and they could be finally ready to show off the game with the game’s release in September now coming up thick and fast.

Rockstar has already said that they will be showing the next trailer for the game soon, so we wonder if GameCom 2013 will be the event where Take-Two will make a big deal of it. Rockstar are infamously known for skipping the big gaming events such as E3 2013, but the GamesCom website has already confirmed that GTA V publishers Take-Two are going to be present.

GamesCom will take place in Cologne on August 21 until August 25. Simply search for Take-Two on the exhibitor search section, and you’ll see that Take-Two already has their booth reserved. GTA V has a global release date of September 17, so it would be very logical indeed for Take-Two to be promoting their upcoming product launch, just a few weeks before the date.

It’s amazing to think that we still haven’t seen any actual gameplay of GTA V – just trailers. Rockstar appear to have done an amazing job in keeping the game a complete secret, especially given the nature of premature gameplay leaks that we see all the time with other titles coming out.

It looks like we may not see any actual gameplay either until the week of the game’s release, but we’ll definitely see GTA V trailer 3 very soon according to Rockstar. Let us know if you think Take-Two will drop the trailer during GamesCom 2013 – otherwise, what else could they have to show off?

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  • Jonathan

    rockstar* where is my mind this morning 🙁

  • Jonathan

    Something to think about, rock start generally uses in game footage for their cinematic’s and trailers. So, What we have been seeing in the trailers could very well be what the game is going to look like when playing, unless they decided to change that.

  • Wildgazelle

    The gameplay trailer will probally be released late July early August. Gta v won’t be shown at gamescom

  • Wockstar

    Thing with Rockstar is the word “soon” is never really “soon”. They say “soon” then show it off 5yrs later. It’s annoying.

    • hi, buddy

      They’ll release something. In a few weeks or so…

  • Simon Fraser

    They have said gameplay footage is coming soon.

  • joe

    Gta V already had the third trailer in a series of short videos. They said Gameplay soon not trailer three haha.

  • bizzle

    ummm…… NBA 2K14……. Duh!!