Battlefield 4 keyboard mouse for PS4 divides opinion

By Alan Ng - Jul 8, 2013

PS3 gamers face a difficult decision this October, on whether to pick up the highly impressive Battlefield 4 straight away at launch, or wait for the significantly better Battlefield 4 on PS4 which will come with 64 player support for the first time. Now there may be another reason to wait for the next-gen version instead as DICE are apparently considering the addition of keyboard and mouse support on console as well.

While the option of having keyboard and mouse on the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 would be amazing in our opinion, the big debate obviously will be on whether playing with keyboard and mouse would offer a significant advantage, from those playing with a DualShock4 controller.

We have heard conflicting feedback from those who say that keyboard and mouse offers greater precision than controllers, but then again we’ve also heard from gamers who say that they are more than capable of holding their own against keyboard and mouse players when using a controller also.

If DICE were to at least give the option, we wonder if they would also consider making some Battlefield 4 servers distinguishable from those who are playing on keyboard and mouse as opposed to controller. This would appear to be the most logical way to execute this plan, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

A DICE interview by AusGamers confirms that it is definitely a possibility, so if you are a Battlefield veteran on console – let us know your thoughts on this potential outcome. Would you prefer to use keyboard and mouse on Battlefield 4, having previously been used to a similar setup on games like Counter-Strike 1.6?

Do you agree with the notion that keyboard and mouse offers an advantage over controller or not?

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  • Mothafucka

    This is bf3, and here is mouse, keyboard so nothing to do with bf4 or ps4.

  • XtraTrstrL

    Why is this even a question? Obviously, the mouse offers way more speed and accuracy than the analog stick. I have no problem with them adding support for keyboard/mouse as long as they do actually have servers that are distinguishable between the two, so you have control over joining matches with these players or not.

    • Often in games, the servers balance based upon skill or point levels which helps to create matches more even. The idea that you could filter out those with a keyboard and mouse seems a bit overkill but interesting.