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Sony PS4 retail space previewed with concept

If you want an idea of how your PS4 retail space is going to look at once Sony finally launches the PS4 this Holiday Season, we have a few images which we think you may be interested in. All eyes are on Sony for when we’ll finally get a solid release date, but in the meantime enjoy this potential look at a personalized PS4 space this November.

Apple are company that really appears to have paved the way in showing just what a polished and slick retail set up can really do in terms of consumers popularity and awareness. It’s also no secret that other companies have tried to emulate their set up with their own products, and we wouldn’t mind if Sony tried a similar move with their upcoming barrage of PS4 products.

With this in mind, feast your eyes on the following images that have been provided by Sony and their PlayStation Access Twitter account. We see a potential glance at how a PS4 space may look at the end of the year, but remember that this is just a concept at this point – ie, not real just yet.

You have to say it looks particularly appetizing though, especially seeing the likes of Killzone Shadow Fall, Watch Dogs, Drive Club and Destiny all fully stocked on the shelves. We’re also loving the complimentary PS Vita units, which have been set up ready for some instant hands-on gameplay straight there in the store.

If the real PS4 retail setup is anything like what we see here, then we would definitely be happy with that. Of course, Sony may be plotting something completely different to make their products really appealing as consumers glance past on a shopping trip. After seeing usual PS3 retail spaces at your favorite gaming store, let us know what you would like to see from the official PS4 retail space.

Would you like to see a PS4 hands-on unit fitted at the very least, along with two hands-on PS Vita systems ready to play?



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