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Sim City 2013 offline hopes with Classic mode

We could have some very promising news for Sim City players on PC now, as EA may be deciding to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps on a DRM backtrack as what we saw with the Xbox One. It’s no secret that players are not very happy with the online restrictions in place for Sim City, but new information uncovered has teased that EA may be planning to offer an offline mode after all.

You may be thinking that this is slightly odd since everyone was under the impression that Maxis, the developers for the game said it wasn’t going to happen no matter how bad consumers wanted it. However, an official survey from EA suggests that there may now be light at the end of the tunnel, with regards to finally having a game of Sim City without needing an internet check-in.

Within the survey, EA asks a series of interesting questions with one specifically referencing a mystery ‘classic mode’ which we’re guessing could be implemented into the game if the survey proves successful. The official description from EA regarding classic mode is as follows:

“In offline or online mode, play a single functioning city using cheats and unlocks allowing you to create the perfect city.”

That there is solid evidence that an offline Sim City mode could be available, while at the same time it also confirms that cheats will be available in the game as well, supported inside this new offline mode. The big question now though, is whether this survey has proven successful enough for EA to give it the go ahead.

We certainly haven’t seen this survey advertised to a widespread audience, so we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed on this one. You can view the whole thing over at Reddit, it’s certainly a very interesting read if you are a regular player of Sim City every day. Perhaps EA is starting to see the light on how it’s a good thing to have consumers on your side.

Let us know what you think about a possible offline mode for Sim City – is this a massive deal for you or not?



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