Pokemon X and Y alternative with Pokemon Generations

By Alan Ng - Jul 5, 2013

If you like the look of the amazing Pokemon X and Y game that is on the way this October, but have no chance of playing it for whatever reason, we may have an interesting alternative for you. A fan made project called Pokemon Generations is now gathering momentum, a free to play game which offers 3D gameplay similar to what you would expect to see from previous Pokemon games down the years.

We all loved Pokemon Stadium on the N64, a game that still remains one of the most popular Pokemon games in history. It was somewhat surprising that we didn’t see an extension of this on the Wii, but it looks like some clever individuals and hardcore fans are now willing to take matters into their own hands.

We have some footage to show you now, from the latest version of Pokemon Generations. It shows an open world setting and a live battle between Charmander and Bulbasaur. Watch how both Pokemon are able to move around freely without the restriction of turn-based gameplay – eventually concluding with the trainer acquiring a weakened Bulbasaur with a Poke ball.

It looks fantastic and gives you an idea just what could be possible if Nintendo were ever to attempt a similar project on the Wii U in the future. We’re guessing Nintendo won’t be too happy with their Pokemon property being used for a fan made project, so try the game out now here while you still can.

At the moment the game is at version 2, but hopefully we’ll see further support through the Summer so that it can really provide a suitable tonic for those not planning to buy a Nintendo 3DS to play X and Y in October. Watch the footage and let us know your impressions of Pokemon Generations.

Would you like to see a full game based on what you see here?

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  • Drew

    This looks awesome. I’ve never understood Nintendos use of the Pokemon brand. I would buy whatever I needed to play this on…

  • Mikey Mayhem

    Yes. I want to play! Is it an MMO?
    battling other trainers online would be amazing!

    • Domitjen

      It’s not an MMO but it does have a multiplayer, but restricted to 5 players at the time on a server, this is because when the story will be added in you’ll be able to play it coop with friends.