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Final Fantasy X HD PS Vita cross-save will be expensive

It is going to be a very exciting end of year for Final Fantasy fans, with the upcoming release of the highly sought after Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD remakes. Square-Enix has been taking their time on development to say the least, but we’ve just had the excellent confirmation that both games will now support a cross-save feature across PS3 and PS Vita platforms for those planning to pick up both versions.

It essentially means that you can come home from work or school, sit down on the sofa with Final Fantasy X HD for a while, then pick up and carry on with your PS Vita when outside of the home or travelling for example. This is an amazing prospect to look forward to, but unfortunately a slightly pricey one at the same time.

It looks like Final Fantasy x HD will not be a qualifying game for Sony’s amazing cross-buy incentive, where you would get a PS Vita version of the same game for free when purchasing the PS3 version. Business is business though for both Square-Enix and Sony, and we have a feeling that some of you may still be tempted to make two purchases just to take advantage of the cross-save feature.

Just so you’re fully aware of the potential costs involved in pursuing this idea, Amazon has priced the PS3 version of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD (both games come together on a single disc remember) at $40. At the moment there is no official price for the PS Vita version of Final Fantasy X HD and Final Fantasy X-2 HD, with both games instead coming separate on two Vita game cards.

That means that you could be looking at paying around $70 for the luxury of PS3 and PS Vita cross-save, if we assume that Final Fantasy X HD will be priced at $30, the same price that the likes of Soul Sacrifice currently sells for on Amazon. Considering that Final Fantasy X HD is a very big deal on PS Vita and considered a major new game, it could even have a full retail price of $40 – bringing the total costs to $80, which is almost slightly ridiculous.

Hopefully Sony are looking at this as well and will make the right decision in the end and have both games qualify in their cross-buy lineup. That way you would get both PS3 and PS Vita versions for $40 and it looks like a much more reasonable package on the whole.

We want cross-save as much as you do, but who is willing to pay $70-80 for it? Not many we expect.



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