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Final Fantasy VII Steam release needs mod support

The moment has come for patient Final Fantasy fans who own a PC as their primary method of gaming. Square-Enix has taken their time but we’re pleased to say that the developer has finally unleashed Final Fantasy VII on the Steam store. Previously, the updated version of the game was only available via the Square-Enix store, but now with Steam support it opens up the game to one massive area – custom mod support.

If you head to the Steam store now, you will find the game available for sale at $11.99 in the US and at £9.99 for those buying in the UK. Just to remind you, the PC version comes with some notable new features, such as cloud support, ‘updated HD visuals’, achievements to unlock and booster items which can instantly raise your HP,MP and Gil for a fee.

Other than that though, it’s still the same Final Fantasy VII game that we all know and love from the PS1 original all those years ago. The big difference with a Steam release, is that developers can now get to work on adding mods to the game which could theoretically bring us closer to the coveted Final Fantasy VII remake that so many crave.

For example, we may see a mod in a few week’s time which drastically improves the character models in the game. We put nothing past some of the talented mods out there, so we’re sure somebody will eventually come up with that insane mod that inevitably turns Final Fantasy VII on Steam into the best version available on any platform period.

Some of more experienced developers could even go one step further and think about adding all new items and weapons to use. Or even better, create a few more summons and increase the enemy skills list if they really want to show off. With this in mind, we have a feeling that the wait for Final Fantasy VII on Steam is soon going to pay dividends.

Are you going to revisit this classic in the hope that it gets mod support?



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