2013 Xbox Live update starts with beta sign up

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 5, 2013

Earlier today a post landed on Major Nelson’s blog explaining that the 2013 Xbox Live update can be accessed early. This would be via the Xbox 360 Public Beta and the sign up is a little different this time around.

Previously, you wouldn’t be able to sign up for the Xbox Live beta update through your console but this has all changed with the 2013 beta. You only need to visit your Xbox 360’s home hub and look for the Xbox Beta Program tile, which then allows you sign up right on your Xbox 360 console.

One thing is the same with previous updates and this is the NDA you need to sign. Microsoft don’t want the Xbox Live beta features landing on blogs and with the press, so you’ll need to sign a non-disclosure agreement to say you won’t do this. Of course, somehow the information will arrive on popular news websites in the coming weeks and in YouTube videos delivering previews.

The aim of the 2013 Xbox live public beta is to help make the software better, so gamers taking part will need to report bugs and problems to Microsoft so they can be fixed before the official launch.

Have you signed up for the new Xbox Live beta update? It is worth noting that Xbox Live is in 41 markets and all of these can take part in the public beta, although Major Nelson did state that Japan would be included at a later date. Let us know if you run into any problems with the sign up process.

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  • traci adams

    Husband signed up a few days ago, and is having problems sending.messages, joining parties, and at times connection to xbox live. No product key to be found as of yet. On a side note, there doesnt seembto be a way to.remove the beta ..the problems didnt start till after the beta was downloaded.

  • Austin

    I Signed-Up the day of the beta sign up launch and i havent recived my update yet?
    Email me awnsers.