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Xbox One u-turn may continue with free headset

Microsoft may have won a lot of fans over with their monumental DRM u-turn with regards to the Xbox One, but now it looks like the mood could be about to change once again for the greater good. The company initially revealed that the system wouldn’t be shipping with a headset much to widespread criticism, but now it seems as if Microsoft may be willing to overturn this decision as well.

It’s quite remarkable actually when you think about it, especially for a corporation as big as Microsoft to make so many reverse decisions based solely on consumer feedback. Having said that, it could be yet more evidence as to the power that the consumer has when voicing an opinion and we’re just waiting for final confirmation on this.

A report by Electronic Theater cites information from the official UK distributor for Microsoft Studios and Xbox products and states that this is a done deal. Initially the $499 and £429 package did not come with a headset inside the box with Microsoft already saying that this was due to the free Kinect. However though, Microsoft are now thought to be willing to offer a wired headset with every purchase after all.

If confirmed to be true, then it is obviously excellent news. It then means that both next-gen systems from Sony and Microsoft will ship with audio solutions out of the box, ensuring that gamers can jump straight into sessions online complete with audio support and video chat capabilities.

You would have thought that overturning the DRM policies would be enough, but Microsoft continues to surprise us in a good way – let’s hope we get the confirmation over the next few hours to really celebrate Independence Day 2013 in style. If you have the Xbox One on pre-order, give us your reaction to this. It’s like Christmas has come early right?



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