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Xbox One has Reputation feature to punish trolls

While many gamers believe that Xbox Live is the place to be in terms of the best gaming online community, many also believe that the Xbox Live is the worst when it comes to dealing with troublemakers, reinforced with Microsoft’s moderation team frequently handing out bans to those that just serve to make other individual’s game sessions miserable.

If you agree with this consensus, you’ll be pleased to hear that Microsoft has already outlined plans to make sure the trolls are kept firmly in their place by the time the Xbox One arrives – or by the looks of things, kept with other trolls to play amongst themselves.

Microsoft’s senior product manager Mike Lavin has explained in a recent interview that trouble-makers on Xbox One are going to be subjected to high public visibility, thanks to a new Reputation system that will be just as prominent as the current Gamerscore feature.

If you love to play rap music constantly through a mic on a Call of Duty server for example, you’ll soon find yourself gaining a negative reputation and Microsoft will be gathering data accordingly. Continue to cause trouble and you’ll then find yourself entering servers of games that have specifically been set up to merge similar players together.

It sounds very familiar to Rockstar’s cheaters pool system to us, so it looks like Microsoft are keen on implementing a similar system across the whole of Xbox Live. On the other hand, Microsoft has also hinted that players who abide by the rules may be eligible for certain rewards for their ‘good behaviour’.

It’s obviously not nice being called all names under the sun by a 12 year old when trying to unwind on a game after a long day, so we say this is a good move if Microsoft can implement a system that really works. Are you fed up with constant trolls on Xbox Live who try to ruin your day with persistant abuse? If so, let us know your thoughts and ideas on how this system could pan out on Xbox One.



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