GTA V poster may contain potential trailer 3 clues

What better way to celebrate Independence Day 2013 with some fresh GTA V artwork? Rockstar may be entitled to take a well deserved holiday in accordance with today’s festivities, but the famed developer has still found time to provide fans with a little more GTA V eye candy. We have two new downloadable posters to show you now, and perhaps something even bigger as well for the easter egg hunters out there.

It goes without saying that we have all been starved of official GTA V news for quite some time now. Rockstar sure knows how to keep everyone waiting, in fact they have become the masters of it what with the initial delay for the game and now the agonizing wait for the developer to release their next trailer 3.

Trailer 2 was amazing and it left everyone wanting more. If you head over to Rockstar’s usual newswire website, you’ll see that there are now two new wallpapers to download in celebration of Independence Day. However, take a good study of the image showing Michael son, or as we like to call it – a good look at the average American youth.

If you choose a high quality version of the image to download (or view evidence here), pay special attention to the red poster in the top right corner. Do you notice that a July 13 date is mentioned? We could be clutching at straws here, but could this date possibly be linked to a potential release date for the GTA V trailer 3 launch?

Rockstar specifically picked this screenshot for a reason and they have been known to be fond of one or two easter eggs in the past. It could be nothing of course so don’t too worked up about it, but then again it could just be something worth keeping in mind as July 13 approaches in two week’s time.

What are your thoughts on thishas Rockstar put a filthy easter egg inside their Independence Day teaser or not?



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