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Pokemon X and Y secret creatures with official strategy guide

If you plan on finding every single Pokemon in the upcoming 3DS release of Pokemon X and Y, then you are probably going to be interested in picking up the official Pokemon X and Y strategy guide. It’s now available to pre-order online and confirms that the guide will also help you to locate all of the game’s various secrets and gym badges.

Perhaps more importantly though, the strategy guide confirms that X and Y will contain ‘special Pokemon’ that may be separate to the Legendary types such as Xerneas and Yveltal that have already been confirmed – and of course the new form of Mewtwo. Away from Pokemon hunting, this guide will also help you to track down all of the new X and Y HMs and DMs, which is great news for those that didn’t even think they would be included this time.

The listing over at Amazon also confirms that you’ll have to pay $17.99 in order to secure your official strategy guide for the big October 12 release date. There are always going to be some purists who say they don’t need a guide for Pokemon X and Y, but then again we know plenty of gamers who always like to pick up a strategy guide to pick up everything 100% on the second playthrough – we definitely deployed these tactics on Final Fantasy games down the years.

There is also going to be something known as Pokemon X and Y ‘Super Training’, but Nintendo nor Game Freak has yet to reveal full details on what this could be yet. We also think it could be different to the bonus XP that players will receive for taking part in the new Horde encounters as well.

So there we have it. What type of Pokemon player are you – will you pick up the official strategy guide to ensure that you don’t miss a single item or Pokemon, or will you play through the whole game without looking for help?



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