Black Ops 2 Buried zombies easter egg teddy bear locations

By Alan Ng - Jul 3, 2013

Earlier on we gave you some gameplay footage showing the brand new wonder weapon in Black Ops 2 Buried zombies, called the Petrifier when pack a punched. Now though, we switch our attention to the Buried easter egg mode and we can already bring you video evidence of the hidden Buried easter egg song, unlocked by finding the locations of three teddy bears scattered throughout the map.

This has become a tradition upon each new zombie map release now it seems, with fans eager to find which song has made it into the game each time a new zombie map is out. We can tell you that the official song that Treyarch has chosen is called “Always Running”, by Kevin Sherwood and Malukah, who you may remember from other zombie easter egg songs.

To unlock it, the process is exactly the same as Mob of the Dead – just find three teddy bears within the map and the song should start playing straight away. The video we have included above shows you the exact locations where the teddy bears are found in Buried, although we expect most of you have already unlocked the song yourselves, as it isn’t exactly difficult.

The real quest is to complete the actual Buried easter egg hunt and unlock the achievement, a process which hasn’t been done by anyone so far – we think. What are your thoughts on this song choice this time? We’ve heard some feedback that not a lot of you like it, but we think it’s nice to have a break from the heavy/rock themes and have something a lot more subtle this time – previous zombie maps used to offer similar songs as well.

Finding the three teddy bears on Buried is an easy task for anyone to complete, but what other secrets have you found so far? We’ll be letting you know the minute someone has cracked the main easter egg and unlocked the achievement and any rewards that may be at the end of it.

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  • cripper

    i’d rather know how to get the 5 perks!
    Or what the scavenger perk does?

    • sgibson42

      the perk allows you to get money and ammo off of downed zombies and also lets you see icons indicating all wall guns, vending machines, PaP and others through the walls. its quite a nice perk.

      there is also a fun thing with the ballistics knife and the dart board in the saloon to get some money.

      • cripper

        cool, thanks for the info. What is your score for the map. Better than tranzit, moon, kino etc etc?