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Wii U graphics showcased with Mario Kart 8

Earlier this week we gave you a release date update on the highly anticipated Wii U game Mario Kart 8. We now know that the game will be due out sometime in April next year, but now we bring you some excellent gameplay which you probably missed at E3 2013. This new footage offers some off-screen gameplay, allowing you a full preview of three entire tracks as well as a glimpse at how lovely the graphics are compared to the original Wii Mario Kart game a few years ago.

It is very easy to miss some of the good highlights from E3 with all of the busy action going on via the showfloor, but luckily we have spotted this for you courtesy of VG247. The site has provided unseen footage of the game, showing two Nintendo employees duking it out on three of the tracks that will be featured in Mario Kart 8 – in a best of three showdown.

What’s even better is that one of the employees is using a steering wheel to play, as if you have played the older Wii game, you’ll know just how difficult it is to maintain top position – compared to another human player who is using standard controls. As expected, the employees do a fantastic job in promoting the game and the chap who is using the steering wheel actually emerges victorious.


The graphics on offer look amazing compared to the Wii game and don’t forget that this is still a very early playable build. The final version of Mario Kart 8 when it is released in April next year should look even better. This video could be the first glimpse at how the GamePad will come into play as well, offering a variety of control choices as well as a general map interface and the current live leaderboard as you’re racing.

It’s also good proof that steering wheel drivers are not at a disadvantage as this pro employee demonstrates. Check it out above and let us know your initial thoughts on Mario Kart 8. Are you happy to see the same roster or would you like to see some unusual additions?



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