Fallout 4 certification worries for AU

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 2, 2013

The upcoming Fallout 4 game has yet to receive official confirmation and Pete Hines made it clear that it’s unrealistic to expect an announcement soon, but this hasn’t stopped a number of fans discussing a possible ban in Australia.

Many of our readers might know the gaming website GamingBolt, and it is this very blog that has highlighted the chance of a ban over the weekend. Within a very short post, the author raised the question about Fallout 4 being “denied certification”.

This possibility apparently stems from the introduction of the AO rating and a number of big-name games being denied classification thanks to the extra mature content.

Games running into problems included the violence in Saints Row IV and the way drugs were portrayed in State of Decay.

This is why the above article considers the chance of Fallout 4 being denied a release in Australia thanks to drugs likely to feature in the game for performance enhancement.

Fallout 4 vs. Fallout 3 launch problems – the above referenced blog post did confuse us on one point, and this was when they state previous Fallout games didn’t have release issues in Australia.

While we’re not 100% sure, some of our readers might remember Fallout 3 having some problems releasing in Australia. If our memory serves us correctly, Morphine became Med-X after the government of Australia didn’t like the original reference.

You might also remember drug-use being shown in player character animations, although this was removed when the game launched and the feature didn’t arrive in the UK/US either thanks to Bethesda wanting the game to be similar worldwide.

What are your thoughts on Bethesda changing a game in all countries to suit Australia? Personally, we would like to think Fallout 4 would pass certification in Australia even if it takes some slight changes to the content. You might also want to read about release hopes for Wii U looking very unlikely.

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  • DownUnderMakesMeWonder

    Oh well, this will mean two things. Less revenue for Australian retailers. I would have pre-ordered and bought day 1 for AUD 110. That’s not a typo, that’s what us moronic Australian’s pay (coz publishers realise we are obviously not very sophisticated (a keen observation as so many games being banned but nice family movies like the Saw Series are all good). Secondly, it will mean more revenue for the US or UK, where I will be have to buy (albeit waiting a week or two for shipping to the ar$e-end of the World) for around AUD 65. Again, publishers offer the UK and the US better pricing due to their consumers’ superior intelligence. As they say, a fool and his money are easily parted and Australia pays more for games (including wholly digital content that does not require transport, the World’s most inefficient wharves etc). So make of that what you will. We so need a US-style Constitution that can prevent these restrictions on freedom of speech. There is hope for that, though. We are due, coz we are normally only a century or two behind the rest of the Western World. So we may see reform in this area soon. That’s why I am unable to pre-order GTAV here, coz GTAIV was actually censored for the Australian version, and if that’s the case, then I will have to wait a week or two, save about AUD100 on the SE, and get from the States. It sux here, it’s like being in the Twilight Zone and I was born here which makes my hope of ever escaping to a truly free country like the US very remote indeed. The good weather is not worth living like Amish.