Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer, first glimpse at Free Fall

By Alan Ng - Jul 2, 2013

We have some great news for those of you who are planning to pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts. Activision has just announced that all pre-orders made before the game’s release will now come with a bonus multiplayer map called Free Fall. This isn’t your average Call of Duty multiplayer map though, as this appears to be something very different with dynamic effects that change your surroundings at different points whilst playing.

Infinity Ward has added that Free Fall will change in ‘realtime’ as you are playing, with staircases and elevators collapsing as time progresses, limiting the movements that players will have and as a result – mix up gameplay in a way that hasn’t been seen in a Call of Duty map so far.

All you need to do to be able to play it, is pre-order the game anywhere. We’re also guessing that the Free Fall offer will also apply to those that already have the game on order, so don’t worry about that. Infinity Ward has also released the first piece of concept art for the upcoming map, which you can check out by zooming in to the image above – it looks pretty awesome on first impressions and something out of The Dark Knight Rises.

Don’t forget that the release date for Ghosts is November 5, so you have plenty of time to pre-order still if you are waiting around for the best deal. There will also be next-gen versions on PS4 and Xbox One, but just like Battlefield 4, Activision has yet to announce a release date for those versions.

Activision has said that this map is going to be downloadable, so we presume everyone who has pre-ordered already will be receiving a code at some point over the next few months. Let us know your first impressions of Free Fall and whether you are looking forward to Ghosts this year or not.

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  • Ollinster77

    I think I agree with George and yes it actually can be a rip off from BF4

  • Blackboyskillit

    Cod ghost can suck on a egg this map is copied from bf4 call of duty is s**t and hv lost their edge bringing out the same game year in year out not for me bf4 all the way

  • george

    really, i don’t even consider pre-ordering a game without seeing multiplayer footage. or watching a movie without seeing a trailer.