PS4 graphics showcased with Infamous Second Son

By Alan Ng - Jul 1, 2013

We haven’t seen too much of inFAMOUS: Second Son since its initial unveiling at Sony’s PS4 event in February, but we’re pleased to bring you some brand new gameplay now. You may have missed this at E3 2013 among all of the frantic game reveals, but Sony has now catered to everyone by releasing some actual gameplay footage of Second Son in 1080p HD.

You may remember that we only previously saw a announcement trailer for the game, with no actual gameplay showing our new hero who takes over from Cole. Now though, that has all changed as the video above gives you a chance to see exactly what the PS4 graphics will be like for the game.

You can switch the quality above to full 1080p, but don’t forget that YouTube caps the framerate at 30FPS – we still don’t know for sure whether Second Son will run at 60FPS or not. Either way, the graphics look fantastic and although it’s nothing mindblowing – remember that there is plenty of action and explosions going on at frequent times, and still manages to play smooth throughout.


The new protagonist you see in the video is graffiti artist Delsin Rowe and by the looks of things, he has some pretty powerful skills at his disposal. Unfortunately, we are still going to have to wait a while for this game to release, as it won’t launch with the PS4 this Holiday Season. Instead, we are expecting the game to come out during the first quarter of 2014, so we’ll have to make do with more gameplay videos like this to keep us busy.

Having seen Second Son running on PS4 hardware for the first time, what do you think about it? Do you think the graphics are acceptable, or a little low par compared to say Killzone Shadow Fall? You could argue that The Last of Us on PS3 looks just as good as Second Son. Tell us if you agree below.

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  • John

    You need to take into account that second son will be open world. Last of Us was a scripted linear transition of areas that devs could take a long time on. I wonder how big second son’s map is going to be compared to infamous 2.

  • Kris

    This is weeks old

  • TaggedOff

    You play a graffiti artist? Really? Definitely won’t be picking this one up. How can anyone who enjoys nice aesthetics (like good graphics) sympathise with those who vandalise public and private property mindlessly. As if it is not a major problem already, you have these reckless developers glorifying meaningess vandalism. Who is the dev and publisher of this? Coz I’ll be giving their games a wide berth from now. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with GTA etc, but graffiti?? Pass.

    • cripper


  • thegriffin1999

    just saying if this still has atleast half a year before release theres a pretty good chance for a graphic update

  • William Perdomo

    The last of us 2 for ps4 .but I think you can’t compare to next gen even tho last of us looks really awsome

  • seeafish

    Not sure how you can compare this to TLoU… It looks way better. TLoU was a beautiful game but this is another level. All that detail, the razor sharp shadows, paper flying around, destructible open world… Shit’s impressive!