FIFA 14 Lionel Messi cover, UK stars still a mystery

FIFA 14 has already been given an exciting release date of September 27 in Europe and September 24 in the US. Now, EA has released the official box art for FIFA 14, letting the world see who the cover star for game is going to be. Unsurprisingly, it is Barcelona’s superstar Lionel Messi who once again gets the honors.

If you are disappointed that he is the only star so far though in terms of the UK version of FIFA 14 though, don’t worry. Lionel Messi may be in center view at the moment, but EA will more than likely reveal one or two extra cover stars who will be joining Messi on the UK FIFA 14 box art over the Summer.

Last year, Messi was once again chosen as the main cover for the global versions of FIFA 13. However, for the UK version of FIFA 13 specifically, we had the likes of Joe Hart and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain featuring beside him. Will we see EA include another two English players for the UK copy, or will they just pick extra names based on their form last season?

If it’s the latter, we could be seeing the likes of Luis Suarez or Robin Van Persie joining Messi on the UK cover as well. Player of the Year Gareth Bale also has to be a consideration as well if EA will be picking players solely on form for their club. It’s fairly certain that EA won’t be picking Joe Hart or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain again, so it wil be interesting to see which English players get the nod this time – Theo Walcott and Leighton Baines perhaps?

Check out the global box art for FIFA 14 here and let us know what you think of Messi being chosen once again as the main star – it couldn’t have been anyone else could it? If you live in the UK, let us know who you would like, or expect to see as the other cover stars for the game.



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