PS4 Vs Xbox One controller size from graphic

By Alan Ng - Jun 26, 2013

Earlier this week we gave you a look at how the initial audio options differ for the Xbox One console and Sony’s PS4 system. Now, we have a useful image comparison for you to take a look at, giving you an exact look at the new DualShock4 PS4 controller Vs Microsoft’s new take on the Xbox One controller.

Microsoft has been known for using large controllers for their systems, but you may be surprised to hear that it could be Sony’s DualShock4 controller that is actually bigger than the new Xbox One in a direct size competition. A new clear image has surfaced from China, comparing the two upcoming controllers side by side and also gives you a preview of the notable physical changes compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 pads.

Based on this image here, it looks like both controllers are going to be fairly bulky in size. While Microsoft are largely keeping the same traits as seen on the Xbox 360 pad, the PS4 controller now has to make room for several new additions – notably the large touchpad situated in the center of the device.

You’ll also notice of course that the start and select buttons have disappeared, with Sony now incorporating two oval shaped buttons for options and share. Feel is going to be everything though, as consumers will always have a personal preference and their reasons for favoring either the DualShock controllers or Xbox pads.

The PS4 pad may be slightly bigger than the Xbox One pad now, but we may find out from critics when the console is nearing launch that Sony’s is a lot more comfortable to grip – especially with the revamp to the trigger buttons at the back. Take a good look at the image above and let us know which controller you prefer based on first impressions.

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  • ds4 eva

    I have always played on PS and not XBox, but have played a few times with 360 controller and I am really horrible with it. For that reason, I hope the ds4 is is not similar to the 360 controller – obviously I have never used the 180 controller, but from what I’ve heard, it is a lot like the 360 controller and in the graphic above the ds4 looks a similar size. But I think it was more having a stick where the dpad should be that screws with me on the 360 controller.

  • JTrip

    I don’t even want to use the touch pad.

  • Josh Tucker

    The PS4 controller looks bad, the previous gens were alright but this is bad, just bad.

    • seeafish

      Totally disagree. I can’t wait to hold that bad boy.

      • Josh Tucker

        I respect your opinion. I’m seriously wondering how they will utilize the touch panel though.

        • seeafish

          🙂 it’s very subjective. It’s just that the ds4 looks like a total revolution. It’s different in so many ways from the ds3 that it’s got me excited.
          But yes I too hope the touch pad won’t end up a gimmick.