Black Ops 2 Buried zombies gameplay with female boss

By Alan Ng - Jun 26, 2013

We have some good news for those of you who are looking for more gameplay for the exciting new Buried zombies map. The new level is coming as part of the Black Ops 2 Vengeance DLC map pack and we’re pleased to see that Treyarch has released another brief tease of some new gameplay.

More importantly though, this new gameplay confirms that players will now have to face the wrath of a new female ghost as a boss – the first time that Treyarch has put a female boss character in the game. If you have watched the main Vengeance announce trailer, you’ll already know that Buried will also include another new male boss character – so we have a feeling that both could be related, mother and son perhaps?

We first see a spooky shot of the mystery woman staring out of a window at the players. We then get the confirmation that she isn’t friendly, as she’ll have the ability to hover and we see players attempting to mow her down by unloading a full clip into her body. At the moment, we don’t know the woman’s motives, or indeed what kind of damage she’ll be able to do to the players upon contact.


Considering that she is a ghost, we also have a feeling that this woman will be able to shock you in a big way, by being able to hover through walls. Imagine if you think you are safe from her during a high level game, then she suddenly comes through the wall at your players – that is going to mess one or two people up for sure!

Either way, it looks like Treyarch are again shaking things up with a two potential family orientated bosses. What are your initial thoughts and ideas on the mystery woman? Give us your opinions below!

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  • smokn1KAS420

    i most def. forsure think thats samatha maxis

    • smokn1KAS420

      yea look at a moon pick of her then look at this new pic then see what you think

  • Nun a yo bisnus

    Maybe you can use her”son” to protect you against her

  • Anonymous Employee..

    The girl is an older version of samantha (which is actually rictofen in her body) the man, u have to feed him sweets… haha theres one damn big easter egg too… for dlc 4, well, u zombie fans are gonna be talking about this one for awhile, we gave the single player team full control over MotD just so we could get a head start on dlc 4…

    • Anonymous Employee..

      Ohh yeah, one more thing, that perk, its not called vulture aid, we think hard about the names of the perks, but ur theroys about what it does are correct (ps. we didnt name it electric cherry, we think that its retarded it barely works, but we’re more concerned about dlc 4, theres so many damn glitches.

      • Anonymous Employee

        And sam cant go through walls, dont worry 😛

        • cripper

          there is no way you work for 3arc so stop trolling.

    • Not a dumbass

      Samantha’s body is still inside the MPD on Moon with Richtofen in possession of it, so it cannot be her. You are definitely a liar. I don”t know many professional employees who give out “information” on the internet not to mention that you spell and type like you’re 11.