Xbox One headset vs PS4 in-ear out of the box

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2013

Microsoft may have revealed their Xbox One hardware at E3 2013, but one aspect that they didn’t talk about until now, is the Xbox One headset. We’re pleased to hear that Microsoft has now officially unveiled the accessory, but unfortunately it isn’t going to be included with the main $499 console package out of the box.

This could be deemed as a bit of disappointment, especially when Sony are already including a free pair of in-ear headphones with every console, despite the fact that it is already $100 cheaper than the Xbox One at $399. Nevertheless, Microsoft has released an image of the official Xbox One headset and it actually looks very pretty indeed.

It is a wired-based headset with a single speaker and controller input. Included buttons will allow you to mute the headset or adjust volume control whilst you are playing games. There will be padding on both sides of the headset for added comfort, but those looking for superior sound quality may want to opt for some slightly more high grade gear.


Microsoft hasn’t set a price for the headset yet, but hopefully it will be affordable to the average consumer, especially since Sony will be providing a headset option for free with every PS4 console. For those that need a reminder of what the free PS4 in-ear headphones will look like, check out an image here which confirms the ability to connect to the DualShock4 controller for the first time.


Considering that Microsoft has shown their ability to reverse business decisions recently, do you think that they should actually be offering this headset for free, since consumers are coughing up $500 for a console? Let us know what you plan to do with regards to your personal audio solution for next-gen. Will you opt for a slightly more luxurious Turtle beach headset and go all out?

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  • doogiehouserMD

    ill just plug in my pair of astro audios a40s

  • DeOnte F Castro

    Man the kinect is why they are not gonaa include headsets because the kinect is like a headset and the tv is going to play what ththe people are saying

  • HearHear

    Does anyone know if Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega Wireless Headphones will work on PS4? They are cross platform and can be used on PC, 360 and PS3. I hope so, the damn things cost me AUD 250 and I don’t want to have to buy another set for PS4…and I sure has hell ain’t gonna using those things that come out of the controller which are a waste of time in my opinion.

  • Kevin

    Who gives a crap about these headsets as we’re all going to get turtle beach or something else lol.
    Also I think m$ should have 2 packages where you don’t have to have the kinect cos I hated the last one, used about a week then was an ornament.
    They should charge £349 without it.
    I’m with ps4 this time around, the old ui was crap and boring but the new one looks better, like the Xbox360.
    Hope online gaming is going to be as enjoyable as Xbox 🙂

  • William Perdomo

    Haha like always Microsoft loosing o xbox fans don’t cry because mostly all headphones won’t be compartible so your screw in the nicest way .sony is the leader of gaming

  • Hammer

    I’s like to say that the PS3 headseat looks utterly useless compared to the xbox one, even if it is free.

  • NONEgamer

    You know they will include it. It’s one of the rumors where loads of gamer’s will hate it and create loads of blogs, vlogs etc and Microsoft will post something online saying they’ve always included the headset.

  • HotdogSD1

    This is like saying the Kinect 2 is free because its included. You are not getting a free headset from Sony. You are paying to take it home.

  • jeeptrash

    Not including a headset is a huge mistake.

  • Rob

    Microsofts 360 included headset I believe was a major contributer to why their online play was seen as more alive.