Xbox Live Gold Vs PS Plus: Microsoft’s new attack in 2013

By Alan Ng - Jun 24, 2013

Sony may be offering value for money for their PS3 and PS Vita customers at the moment with a subscription to PlayStation Plus, but it looks like Microsoft are now willing to take the fight to Sony once again. With the dust now settled on Microsoft’s Xbox One DRM backtrack, it looks like the company are now targeting Sony’s instant game collection, by revealing plans to give away two free games a month for all Xbox Live Gold members.

It’s no secret that Sony has won over a lot of consumers with their instant game collection, which offers a number of free PS Vita and PS3 titles every month, not to mention access to early betas and automatic game updates and cloud saving. Now, it appears that Microsoft see the benefits of giving away free games to please, and are planning to dish out some goodies to all Xbox Live Gold members.

Right now, we can tell you that the first game that is free to download is Fable 3. However, starting from next month Microsoft has said that two games will be available on the 1st and 16th of every month. The next two games will be Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 – completely free to download on a Gold account with no apparent catches.

It looks like a blatant attempt to offer something similar to Sony’s instant game collection and you can’t argue with games that are free – Halo 3 is still an excellent game for those that have yet to play it. It will be interesting to see if this now starts to make consumers wonder whether Sony’s PS Plus is still worth it, or if Xbox Live Gold is starting to look like great value as next-gen approaches.

After Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2, what games are coming next we wonder? Microsoft has a big library to choose from, so let’s hope they go for some interesting choices which Xbox 360 users haven’t played yet. Are you a Gold subscriber? If so, tell us what games you would like for free throughout the year.

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  • Drakiir84

    Th only thing that matters to me is the stability of their server infrastructure since I primarily play online. In the past PSN has been atrocious while XBL has been consistent. While Microsoft has increased their servers from 15k to 300k I still haven’t heard anything from Sony except to say “we’re going to improve PSN.” If PS4 can’t guarantee a stable and enjoyable online experience then I won’t even consider them.

  • Knightmare

    Just gonna point out too, Fable 3 sucked hard.

  • buddynugget

    Microsoft hasnt said whether or not it will continue. They have said they have games slated all the way into december but there hasnt been any mention of if that is the end of it or if it will continue. As they vehemently try to push the 360 as far as it will go my guess is they will continue to do it to get more people to buy the 360. For what reason that they are doing this i have no clue you think they would concentrate all their attention to the future and xbox one. But hey it is MS after all they always have something good up their sleeve.

  • Poop

    Lol and Microsoft is only doing this until the Xbox one comes out in November. Sony is going to continue with their instant game collection into the Ps4

  • josh

    DmC or Dark Souls

  • john

    assasins creed 2 and halo 3? those games are bloody ancient you can pick them up $5, just recently ps plus gave away sleeping dogs, mortal kombat 9, lbp karting etc