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PS Vita free-to-play revolution with Tekken

We have some fantastic news for PS Vita fans now, especially those who enjoying fighting games. Sony’s promising handheld could be getting its first notable free-to-play game of 2013 and it could be none other than Tekken Revolution. The newly released fighter has only just debuted on the PS3 as a free download from the PS Store. However, the game’s director has hinted that it could also be ported over to the PS Vita if the demand is high enough.

If you have already tried the PS3 version, you’ll know that this is a somewhat surprising approach to Tekken given the franchise’s history down the years, but also a refreshing one in seeing that aspects of the game are completely free to play. You’ll be able to choose from familiar characters such as King, Paul and Marshall Law – with the big change now being that you can use skill points to level up a character’s particular statistics.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to practice for free straight from the menu, but the other usual game modes from previous games are there – arcade mode, ranked online matches and so on. However, these all now require points to play – points which will ultimately run out and refresh each day, essentially one of the key areas in which Namco Bandai will hope to recoup some money back.

Free really does mean free though in this case if you are willing to be patient, and it would be amazing to see this running on the 5-inch PS Vita OLED screen. Director for the game Katsuhiro Harada has said in the clearest terms – simply download the game enough times on PS3 and he will definitely port the game to PS Vita.

Considering that this is a free download, what are you waiting for? It would be a great addition to the PS Vita lineup and hopefully another push that other developers need to think about bringing other free-to-play games to the system. If you have been playing Tekken Revolution on PS3, give us your thoughts on the free-to-play model so far, and whether you would love to see this on Vita as well.



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