iPad mini 2 balancing act between battery life and display

By Peter Chubb - Jun 25, 2013

We all knew from the moment Apple announced the iPad mini, its hardware was not going to be anything like its bigger brother, this was down to several reason, most of which was because of battery life and price. However, it’s fair to say that Apple will need to do a fine balancing act with the sequel, as some key improvements will likely have an adverse effect on battery life.

Concerns for the iPad mini 2 battery life – One of the major difference between the iPad 4 and its smaller sibling is the lack of Retina display, and this is one of the most asked features with the iPad mini 2. However, using such technology will surely reduce battery life, so you have to ask yourself which of the two are more important?

You might not think that improving the display will matter so much to the battery, but it will have a knock-on-effect as a Retina display would require the iPad mini 2 to come with enhanced graphics and processor, which we would have assumed anyway, considering the CPU being used in the current iPad mini is the same used in the iPad 2 – yes it really is that out-of-date.

The problem is Apple needs to update the display on the iPad mini 2, especially when you consider the Nexus 7 2 will come with an improved display as well, although could also come with battery problems of its own.

We’re sure there are two sides to this story, as some Phones Review readers have suggested that they would rather better battery life because the screen isn’t that bad on the iPad mini anyway and losing battery life would put them off purchasing the iPad mini 2. However, there are others out there who would rather lose about 1-2 hours battery life if it meant getting a far more superior display, so which corner are you in?

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  • BOB

    Pleased with the current display. I also have an iPad 3 with Retina. For reading and internet I don’t see a huge difference. I do think the iPad 3 is heavy for reading for long periods of time though. I want to keep the light weight and battery life of the mini (and the current screen), it’s fine.

  • Mike

    Not fussed about battery life really, but retina is a must.

  • Gadget Inspector

    Both – and I’d sacrifice it being a bit heavier than the iPad mini. It must have a pin sharp ‘retina display’ AND a 10-hour battery life