Fallout 4, Skyrim release hopes on Wii U non existant

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2013

Rockstar’s GTA V may be on a lot of shopping lists this year, but arguably the number one game that everyone is waiting to see announced is Fallout 4. When Bethesda finally announces the game, it would obviously be great if every platform community could play it. However, it looks like the chances of Fallout 4, or even Skyrim for that matter appearing on the Nintendo Wii U is almost dead and buried.

Believe it or not, the last games that Bethesda actually developed, not published, for Nintendo could be a game called Where’s Waldo and Home Alone (based on the movie), back on the legendary NES in 1991. That means that over 20 years have passed since then, so perhaps we should be saying – why would Bethesda be even thinking about developing again for Nintendo in the present time?

That’s obviously an interesting question, but the reasons as to why Bethesda are not developing for Nintendo systems any more appears to be a far greater debate. Pete Hines recently spoke to Eurogamer, admitting that the famed developer currently has no Nintendo-based projects in the pipeline.

Bethesda last published Star Trek: Conquest for the Wii back in 2007, but it looks like they will be keeping their distance from Nintendo with regards to the Wii U – which obviously is a major blow to Wii U owners with big third-party aspirations. When asked by Eurogamer on why Bethesda are not developing for Nintendo any more, Hines responded with the single line: “As for why, I guess I’d rather not go into that.”

Has something happened behind the scenes which is the sole reason why we haven’t seen Skyrim appear on the Wii U yet? There’s no denying that the Wii U hardware would be able to run Skyrim, if Bethesda can get the game running on the likes of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Fallout 4 is also heavily expected to show up on PS3 and Xbox 360, so again it is a game that theoretically could be possible on Wii U hardware as well. It would be amazing to have one great game that all console owners could enjoy – minus the headaches involving exclusivity arrangements and so forth.

Judging by Hines’ comment though above, it looks like the chances of seeing either games on Nintendo’s latest content is non-existant – and it’s a real shame. What are your thoughts on Bethesda’s mysterious absence on not developing for Nintendo systems since the NES?

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  • binene

    the writer of this post is doing this just to spam google news.


    No you are wrong sir. Very wrong. Fallout 4 cannot compete with GTA5 at all. GTA 5 is the game people are looking forward to seeing.

  • Nick Jones

    Is Hines just taking the polite route instead of the as of late developer Wii U bashing party? I enjoy Bethesda titles and would absolutely buy a copy of Skyrim Legendary Edition for the Wii U if it was released. All I would want to see on the Gamepad would be a map, and inventory selection. But maybe Bethesda as a company will one day change it’s mind, especially once the Wii U hits it’s stride next year. And the news of Eiji Aonuma hinting that the next big Zelda adventure will be similar to Skyrim… I’m probably more excited about that than if an actual Elder Scrolls title were to release on a Nintendo console.

  • haha

    leave PC games for PCs please

    • moneytalks

      If that happened, mate, then your PC games would have the budget that reflected PC sales ie next to nothing. So I don’t hink you really want PC only games, do you? PC gamers spend oon hardware, then torrent software. Look at Gamestop revenues and see where all the money to make great games comes from. This is why games are never made solely for the greater processing power of a high end PC. They know they get their money from console games…look itr up, you might learn something…