Black Ops 2 Buried zombies could have scavenger perk

By Alan Ng - Jun 25, 2013

The excitement is starting to build nicely now, for the soon to be released Buried zombies map for Black Ops 2. The new level will be available as part of the Vengeance Map Pack DLC, and now we have some new rumors to share with you, in relation to what the brand new perk machine could be, since it was already confirmed in the announcement gameplay trailer.

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the Black Ops 2 Vengeance trailer yet, check it out once again below. Pause the clip at 2.50 specifically and you will see that Treyarch has stealthily revealed that a new perk machine will be coming to Buried zombies. Obviously, Treyarch are not saying what the new perk machine does, but we are hearing whispers that it could be a scavenger based perk machine.

Even clearer, it could be a machine called “Vulture-Aid Soda”. The image when zoomed in looks a lot like a vulture’s head and bears some similarity to the blue scavenger perk logo that everyone will know from multiplayer. Assuming that the details match up, we could be seeing a perk machine that will allow you to pick up some drops from dead zombies simply by walking over their bodies.

Remember, nothing is certain yet but imagine the scenario where you will be able to get a small weapon reload from a zombie’s body once you have this Vulture perk in your inventory. You may argue, how can you get ammo when the zombies have no weapons? While this may be a good point, we’ll have to wait and see how Treyarch decides to implement it.

Having some kind of collectibles from bodies though is a great idea and will hopefully offer players an alternative to waiting forever for a max ammo drop to appear. It also looks like there is going to be another new zombies weapon or gadget in Buried too – on top of the Ray Gun Mark II that has already been confirmed.

What are your initial thoughts and ideas behind a scavenger perk in Buriedhow could it work with the current zombies game style?

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  • Cam

    I do not believe the new Scavenger perk will allow players to replenish ammo that easily. I believe that if it does turn out to be a Scavenger-based perk, it will simply increase the chance of getting a drop from a zombie, and/or increase the chances of getting a max ammo. It may also be a way to turn the boss zombie into your ally, instead of your enemy, as the perk appears to be located in the candy shop.