All-new Mercedes C-Class Sedan exterior inspired by E-Class

Having already seen what the all-new Mercedes C-Class will look like thanks to a series of early spy shots, some new images have come to light, and it’s clear that the front end does resemble that of the E-Class. The front of the car is in large the most important feature of the car, so one has to ask if Mercedes-Benz has made the correct decision to make the C-Class very similar to the E-Class?

Like the McLaren P1, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class was taking part in some hot weather tests just to make sure it can perform in varied conditions, and there’s not a lot of camouflage, and so you can get a much better look.

Looking closely at the front-end, which you can see here, the grille consist of two large bars, but it’s those huge air intakes on either side that gives the C-Class a more aggressive look, something that Mercedes is making a habit of with their newer vehicles of late.

While we have no specific all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class release date, we do know it will go on sale around mid-summer 2014, with coupe and convertible versions going on sale at the start of 2015. However, if you want to see the all-new model up close and personal, then you will need to visit the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

Over the past few years there seems to be a dislike for the C-Class, as consumers believe that it has a far too sporty look, and has lost its luxury look and feel. However, we do find this hilarious, as the C-Class has always been the sporty option, because if it is luxury you want, then you will need to dig a little deeper and choose the E-Class instead.



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