Xbox One Vs PS4 sales after backtrack

By Alan Ng - Jun 21, 2013

What a difference a 180 u-turn can make. While orders of the PS4 were coming in thick and fast at online retailers following Sony’s somewhat landslide victory at E3 2013, it appears that Microsoft are well and truly back in the race to win pre-order sales, following the company’s amazing u-turn regarding always-on internet requirements and used-game policies.

If you haven’t heard the big news, Microsoft will no longer require Xbox One owners to have an internet connection check-in every 24 hours. Used games will not have any restrictions either, with Microsoft now saying that used-games will resume just as they are with Xbox 360 – renting, selling, trading with friends and so on.

We were also shocked to see that Microsoft has completely scrapped the region locking on the console too, which is massive. It now means you can pick up Xbox One software from any country and play it on any console, anywhere. As a result of Microsoft making these big changes for consumers, this has now paved the way for the Xbox One passing PS4 pre-orders in the UK on Amazon – a crucial market for Microsoft.

If you head to Amazon’s best sellers section on the UK site, you’ll see that the Xbox One has now leapfrogged the Sony PS4 into second place on the chart. Previously, the PS4 was ahead of the Xbox One after E3, but it looks like the DRM-less measures on the Xbox One are really making a difference now.


Top spot is still being taken up by the excellent The Last of Us game on PS3, but it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can maintain their position ahead of Sony by the time November comes and throughout the crucial launch period. We asked for your feedback on our Facebook page and it looks like a lot of you are now willing to forgive Microsoft and pick up an Xbox One after the u-turn.

Are you a consumer who has now ordered an Xbox One within the last few days? Let us know if you think the Xbox One will be able to maintain its sales boost ahead of the PS4 in the coming months.

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  • Sanchez

    I have been an xbox guy for the last 10+ years, but I am sick of microsoft not providing us rechargeable batteries for controllers. If they are making you buy the kinect with the xbox one, why dont they provide us rechargeable controllers? im sorry xbox but im done wasting my money on this kind of stuff. Ps4 is not only $100 cheaper, but you also dont have to worry about buying a charge kit or replacing batteries! I respect Sony for this and im done with micro sorry guy, not stealing my money anymore.

  • Rain

    In the United States on Amazon the PS4 LAUNCH Day Edition is and has been Sold out! only the Standard Edition with no promise of when you get it is listed for sale. Gamestop still say’s they have the PS4 for sale? but I also understand they were allocated way more units of the PS4 than the Xbox One, almost 10 to 1 in some cases.
    Talking to gamers I know locally and in another City all but one are getting the PS4, we are abandoning Xbox. I was with Xbox for 10 years, that all ends this Holiday.

  • Elliott

    PS4 is still outselling the Xbox One. The ‘day one edition’ which could also be named the ‘we’re panicing because the reaction to our new console has been negative edition’ is a few behind and slowly falling down the charts whilst the standard Xbox One is miles down.

  • seeafish

    Ps4 still higher than Xb1 in UK and Europe on Amazon. Not sure how you get that result in the screenshot, as I’m lookong at it right now in another tab, and have been checking regularly.

  • cripper

    I said this in an earlier post, but had a youtube weblink to a video of it in action. Search youtube for ‘illum room’ this would be a hammer blow for Sony if MS get the thing released.

    • cripper

      sorry. search for ‘illumi room’. The weblink caused my previous post to not get published.

  • cripper

    Sony would want to get their finger out quicksmart regarding timed DLC, XBOne are snapping up all the major player 3rd party dev companies into these contracts. Fifa, CoD, Battlefield etc. These are the bread and butter of every console and they are going into the launch with a disadvantage from the get go.

    • Gareth Berty

      I agree with you there timed dlc is all going to the xbone1 but if the ps4 outsells the xbone1 that timed dlc will eventually stop as EA/Activision will go with who has most consoles sold surely

  • gjustinj

    hang on, but correct me if I’m wrong but the best sellers list on Amazon are based on daily sales, not overall sales. PS4 held the position for 8 days straight, and I believe Xbox has held it for 3-4 days now right? If this is true then PS4 had already blown the Xbox One sales off the chart during the first 8 days, and this is evident by many major game media sites polls and articles. The decision for MS to back peddle was a very good one for them, however I believe a lot of damage has been done and a lot of their consumers may have already jumped ship and this is evident by their decision to change their policies – they were obviously being destroyed, and judging by Sony’s decision to up its projections on sales – XB1 and MS have a long way to catch up.

  • ps4>xb1

    Did Microsoft pay Amazon to release that statement like they did when they made them take down the PS4 vs Xbox one poll from there website?, because they were being destroyed by votes and pre-orders?

    facts are facts ps4 has better hardware, GPU, and will be a faster machine Sony will only be using 1gb for its OS, while the Xbox has to use 3gb to run its OS.

    • Naxirian

      You have to bear in mind that most of that hardware information is irrelevant. Only PS4 exclusives will truly make use of the hardware, most games released will be on both platforms and, as they were in this generation, will be designed to the weaker platforms specifications. Neither console is going to hit it’s hardware limitations for at least 4-5 years, given the ease of optimization on a console with a fixed hardware set. The Xbox 360 was still churning out games with graphics comparable to the superior PS3 hardware well into the end of it’s lifespan.

      • GK15

        I’m also interested to see how they take advantage of the cloud computing we’ve heard so much about

        • rhetoricmonkey

          If you’ve ever heard of Folding at Home, that was a form of cloud computing. Microsoft had not being as clear as they should have been in some cases. I’ve had to wonder if they didn’t have plans of using our ‘unused’ clock cycles in the cloud. Cloud computing takes a lot from you so you depend on the services of others. I’d be weary about what you give up in the process. Always keep your importan data close to you.

      • rhetoricmonkey

        I have assumed up to recently that they’re so closely matched in hardware that we won’t see a difference, but there’s a few developers saying that is not true. I’ve read a few statements suggesting gamers will see third-party differences. Please search for comparisons. I’m not linking any because some disqus admins prefer not to have links posted to their comments sections.

        Your statement regarding the PS3 and the 360 are appreciated by me in the sense that most people felt the PS3 was superior with regard to hardware, but for me, hardware is precisely why I didn’t get a feature I wanted on the PS3, and that was cross-game chat. It looks like PS4 will have that sorted out. I think PS3 was a better learning experience for Sony than consumer discord with the One has been for Microsoft. Sony was humbled, Microsoft was frightened, of course that is just my opinion.

  • xb1>ps4

    Anyone just ever think that they were getting publicity?! Good or Bad it still drew you in and then they played the we care about your opinions card. Great marketing idea, and i wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Gareth Berty

    Some people just don’t care do they there is no way Microsoft should be forgiven. But that what the idiots are here for to support companies like Microsoft and apple who just bleed them dry without caring

    • GK15

      They tried to make an online console. Big crime against humanity!

    • rhetoricmonkey

      There are a lot of consumers that do not see how Microsoft and Apple buy everything up and or fence it off. Or if they do, they do not understand that is bad for them. A closed system can not survive, but it will make a mess of things before it kills itself. Microsoft wants to police everything you do on the console they sell. This 180 can be as easily reversed to what it was before hand as it was to pull the 180. (Will we call it a 360 then?)

      There was a library sharing feature they had been talking about that has supposedly been removed as a result of caving to drop the mandated check-ins. It turns out that it was just a demo sharing library. If that was a feature you were hoping for, the actual thought of sharing your library, not demos, then maybe Steam on your computer will offer you that ability in the not too distant future.

  • Kris

    Astonishing how easily lemmings forgive Microsoft the attempted rape… How do you guys know that greedy Microsoft won’t try to do it again in the future?

    • Jack Randall

      Might be a bit of an over reaction.

      • GK15

        Just a little bit, lol

    • rhetoricmonkey

      I think lemmings are a very apt example. They actually crowd the edge of a cliff to the point of pushing each other off accidentally. The lemmings to which you are referring have no idea creeping to this cliff isn’t what’s bad for them, it’s the other lemmings. Those of us that see these lemming, are screaming at them to stop what they are doing. While they’re driving each other over the cliff, they’re driving some of us to cynicism.

  • Mikko

    In the UK maybe. The US website has different versions of the PS4 and they’re all in the top 10. While XBOX clearly has a lead in each of them, in total, I’m sure PS4 is still leading. Launch day consoles for the PS4 are sold out while the XBOX still hasn’t sold out.

    • Jack Randall

      The PS4 has not sold out.

      • Keith McDonnell

        it has?

  • Tyler Davis

    I had one pre-ordered since the day they announced it at E3. This about face though might cause me to drop the pre-order. I was a fan of the online sharing of games with digital versions.

    I’m mad that the screaming spoiled children got their way…. People were misinformed and the screaming of hate outweighed us who love it as is.

    • Tyler Davis

      It’s just sad that everyone yelling on THE INTERNET were yelling about NEEDING INTERNET to play their games ON THE INTERNET….

      • NgTurbo

        Poor Adam Orth.

        • rhetoricmonkey

          I wish people would try to interpret that situation and the way it went down.

      • TheVoidWalker

        So I am not the only one who found that laughable. People did not understand that over 80% of the population today has internet all the time. People did not realize that the DRM meant publishers would save meant, ergo more AAA title exclusives for the XBO. People looked at the price tag and cons of both systems and did not look at any pros what so ever.

      • Naxirian

        A major part of the issue is that the military is a major market for games consoles, it gives them something to do during their downtime whilst on deployment. It is often very difficult for those of us on active duty to have access to the internet at all times, especially those deployed in remote areas, and sometimes on navy warships. The Xbox One would be useless to people in that position, as their console would essentially shut down if they didn’t manage to get it to an internet connection every 24 hours. The changes are welcome to those people.

        • See this is where an either or situation would be great.
          Always on DRM for some, not for the other. Make everyone who opted in have great rewards – those who don’t – simply don’t get them.

        • rhetoricmonkey

          The thing that bothers me most about this is proponents of an always on or check in system can’t give any compelling arguments why there should be such a requirement.

          It feels to me like they’re saying, we have more control over the criminals that steal from us if we keep you from playing your games when you don’t meet our requirements of checking in with us. You’re not a criminal, it makes games more fun for you, and besides you’re always using your connection anyways.

          Why treat people like they might be breaking the rules, what advantages are there to an always on/check in process for me, and it’s my connection why are you charging me a toll to use it.

        • Tyler Davis

          The requirements were simple; check in every 24 hours makes sure you didn’t sell the game to gamestop, makes sure all your software is up-to-date, and that’s it.

          It’s a license check. That’s it. If you don’t validate your license – you don’t get to play your games. I hope day 1 they give the option of either or to the masses.

        • rhetoricmonkey

          Regardless to how simple it is, it’s fascist. Let me stop you every day, only once a day, to make sure you’re not breaking any laws and your license, registration, and insurance are up to date.

      • rhetoricmonkey

        That is incorrect. I was using the internet to say I don’t always want to have to use the internet and it made me feel like we are being treated like convicts or probationers with mandatory check-ins. What does my single player, controller passing, lan, etc. experiences have to do with checking in? I like to disconnect from the internet for more than 24 hours, but I might want to play a video game at some point after not checking in for 24 hours. If you’re going to be playing online then there would be no need to check in because you’re already connected. It’s the idea of locking me out of my offline game library that was an issue for me.

        • So you are telling me that whenever you turn on your Xbox 360 or PS3 – you manually disconnect from the internet? Uhhh – didn’t think so.

        • rhetoricmonkey

          That is where you are assuming. What you think does not change the facts. I’m only one person though. I doubt I had anything to do with the 180.

        • Tyler Davis

          You say, “I like to disconnect from the internet for more than 24 hours, but I might want to play a video game at some point after not checking in for 24 hours.”

          Meaning you like to play a game without signing into you online service. But do you physically shut off your internet?

          If you don’t, you are “standing on principle” that is nothing more than just saying, “You can’t make me” for a ridiculously cool feature that MS was making.

          It’s just sad that people like you and others yelled so loud that MS changed their policies. The collective of spoiled individuals basically just screamed at their mommies that they didn’t wanna; and the crappy parent caved. It’s sad, but in order to move tech forward – you have to take some leaps. Innovation is a good thing even if it looks bad at first. People could’ve at least tried it out before yelling.

        • rhetoricmonkey

          I’m happy with the results. I may be mistaken, but I think Microsoft caved to potential losses. You call it people like me. I’m standing on more than principle in this case, it doesn’t work the way you assume it does. But you are right, Microsoft changed their policies.

      • Again, I still don’t see why people are fighting for an unnecessary restriction.

        • This “Unnecessary restriction” was in place to check your current licenses. Each disc comes with 1 license attached to it. You insert said disc, license gets activated, and now whenever/wherever you login to that account from – your license is active.

          The check-in is to make sure you didn’t sell the game and are still trying to play it.

          I’m all for that as I hate having to take my disc to and from my work since I have a console at both places. I’m all for this feature.

    • Raxs

      Yeah, but I’m no screaming kid, and i tell you, I would not be happy about some of those restrictions. I think you may have misunderstood the 24 hour clock internet check. It was required to even play off line. If you clocked out then you had to take it back to the store to have it unlocked which initially had a fee. But they dropped it thankfully. Sometimes i don’t have internet so i wouldn’t be able to use it at all. I’ve been an Xbox fan since day one but i think my time is up now. They are also forcing a mandatory kinect in with it because the kinect wasn’t selling well. Microsoft used to be very honest, but I’m not liking these new changes. I think I’ll try Ps4 instead. It has better specs and is cheaper anyway.

      • B Staff

        For perspective, the “better specs” only average out to a difference of a speed of 8 gigabytes per second. That’s a minuscule difference. Ask any tech geek. We’re splitting hairs here

        • Raxs

          It’s still something. That’s how I’d see it. I’d rather win 100$ than 99$ if you catch my drift.

        • B Staff

          It’s actually pretty close to nothing in terms of tech. In monetary terms, that would really amount to like a dime difference or less.

          And honestly, so many games are cross platform now that no developer takes advantage of the “better” specs, so anything designed for both consoles looks exactly the same so the can be played on both systems. It’s like that now, and it will continue for this next generation.

          They’re almost no different when it comes to specs, and the one comes with a lot extra. I’m going Xbox.

        • Raxs

          Yeah, I’m aware. But even so, I lost all my respect for microsoft when they tried to buy the victory rights to E3 by paying third part organizations to not show any Ps4 games. It just comes to show there is a lot wrong with their console even to the point they knew they couldn’t win E3. Even they know it has problems. It’s about time to get their act together because Xbox was my and a lot of people i know’s favorite console. It’s a shame not to buy the One but sadly I no longer see the best side of the reason why.

      • I fully understand the internet check-in. How is it that you… who is posting on the internet I assume from your home not going to have internet to check-in? Do you frequently have hamsters that chew up the cables? Are you very poor and can’t pay the bill every other month? Do you steal wifi from your neighbor and often have to hack back into his connection taking you more than a day at a time?

        I don’t get this “I don’t always have internet” outside of being front lines military….. If you’re poor – go buy a ouya or some other console. The 500 dollar Xbox One isn’t your piece of equipment.

        • rhetoricmonkey

          None of the above apply to me, but I think a deck of cards or a Monopoly board would have been a better suggestion. I refuse to let you tell me when and how to use what I am supposed to own. If Microsoft wanted to pay for their requirement instead of making me pay for it, there would be room for negotiation, very little, but a start. If you let them have this once every 24hr requirement you might as well admit to being a software pirate that wants to cheat Microsoft.

        • Tyler Davis

          See I think your logic is completely flawed. Steam – the hands down best purchasing platform for games – does something very similar. MS was just taking it and making it more secure for developers to sell games and get paid.

          I’m all for always online DRM even for single player. I like having my games pirated as little as possible.

        • rhetoricmonkey

          Valve does something similar, not the same, and they’re actively working with developers and consumers. Please clarify what flaw you perceive me to have. I’m not a criminal and I don’t like treating others like they are. You’re for always online DRM, you even say it as though there’s only one type. I’m not for the type of always online/24hr check-ins that Microsoft was pitching. It’s too closed, it offers no management to the end user or the developer and depends 99% on Microsoft and their policies. (1% on the end users connection.) If you don’t want your games pirated come up with a better solution.

        • Raxs

          You have no idea what you are talking about :L I’m not poor. I’m just not so stupid like a lot of people to play extra money for something that is worse than something that is cheaper.

          I also love how you went total “Screaming Kid” fanboy and actually tried to defend the Xbox over my own opinion :L You need to learn to grow up. The Xbox is a piece of hardware for playing games on. It’s not a lifestyle or a person. You need to learn that people with the slightest amount of sense won’t be mindless enough to purchase it.

        • I don’t get why people are fighting for more restrictions. I just don’t get it. Its like fighting for a patriot act or something.

    • rhetoricmonkey

      Check into what you thought you were getting in the library, get back with us. I’d like to know what you thought you were getting and if what it actually was would have affected your choice to begin with. I’m sincere, when I first learned of the 180 I felt bad for people like you and the way Microsoft thanked you for your pre order with the 180. I understood the gist of it to be a shared demo library, one that you could keep your saves from if you purchased the game that you were borrowing.