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Samsung Galaxy NX testing finds minor problems

While Samsung is dominating in the smartphone market, they are still having a tough time when it comes to producing a decent range of cameras. They tried to turn things around with the GALAXY camera last year, but it had a mixed response and so has tried a different approach this year with the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

However, this devcie still has an identity crisis because it does not know if it wants to be a phone more than a camera, or vice versa. However, with the Samsung Galaxy NX, what you see is what you get. This is by far a more serious camera because it is an interchangeable-lens camera, and so has the hope of competing with rival devices, although it’s going to be far tougher than the smartphone market.

The Galaxy NX camera was one of several devices unveiled yesterday during a big Samsung Event, more of which we will discuss later, and so it has come as no surprise that several hands-on videos have already appeared on YouTube, and it’s clear to see that in these Samsung Galaxy NX testing videos a few minor problems were encountered.

You need to watch the videos we have embedded for you below, but just to give you an example, the start-up could be a bit of an issue, because it’s a little on the slow side. Now while this is not much of an issue for a smartphone, the idea of a camera is to be able to take that all-important shot at a moments notice, and so having to wait for the Samsung Galaxy NX to start up could be an issue here.

This does surprise us, as the camera is packing a quad-core processor, but this is not the only issue, as Engadget noticed that there were several times when they landed on the Android menu, when in fact it should have taken them to the shooting screen, which would also affect your ability to shoot an image quickly.

We guess only time will tell if Samsung has come up with a device that consumers need, but this being the first camera to run on Android and have interchangeable lenses is a huge bonus.

Take a look at these video and we will let you draw your own conclusions.



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