Xbox One back in favor after DRM u-turn

By Alan Ng - Jun 20, 2013

Well would you believe it? Microsoft has caved in to the negative criticism surrounding their always-on internet requirements and used-game policies. So much, that the company has decided to completely pull a u-turn and remove the need for the Xbox One to always need a connection every 24 hours.

We can’t remember the last time that a company have made such a massive reversal, solely based on feedback from consumers. Microsoft has done it now – sending Xbox fans delirious, not only with the removal of internet requirements, but also used-game policies as well. Shocking stuff.

Microsoft has sent out another press release, now confirming that consumers will be able to trade in their Xbox One games as normal. Like the Xbox 360, you’ll now be able to sell or lend games to friends without any limitations in place – a move that could now put the favor back on Microsoft’s side, for those that are still undecided on the PS4.

Another massive u-turn for Microsoft: The Xbox One will now have no region lock either. That means you’ll be able to purchase imported games and play them on any Xbox One system in any location. This one is a direct response to the somewhat crazy decision to only allow 21 countries to use the system at launch. Thankfully Microsoft has come to their senses on this one.

Don Mattrick has been in the news recently for a few unsavory comments, but you can read a full statement from the man here where he firmly puts things right, telling consumers that they have firmly listened to the constant feedback coming in.

The big question now of course: Does this change your decision on picking up the Xbox One over the PS4? We know a lot of you have already put in a pre-order for a PS4, but are any of you now actually tempted to cancel that and pick up an Xbox One instead, now that it has no limitations?

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  • Admir Karalic

    Bought a brand new Ps3 the other day. I used to have the original one Ps3 Fat 80Gb backward compatible and the first Slim version. Now I bought the Ps3 SS wich i though yes its quite ugly but still plays games. Had major problems with updates, installation and even PSN. Called tech support and the guy gave me the worst troubleshooting ever and then tried to convince me to buy a PS3 Warranty for 2 years, I packed back my Ps3 and bought my xbox360 back wich I hadnt any problems with. Microsoft is greedy but so is Sony. Lets hope next gen will turn things around

  • subzeroevil

    Still staying with ps4. its not about how much it costs or the games. its with 2 things what i get out of it same thing with red ring death like 3 times even after i get it back from them . really the only reason that they change it because they are not making sale on because of there mess up. There not doing it for gamers there doing it for them. Its time for us as gamers to take a stand .

  • NgTurbo

    Great news for the neutral.. although many may be unhappy that this move has only come after they appear to have got it badly wrong. Gamers never forget.

  • todd cohn

    Xbox. Better controller, better games, better gaming community.

    • cripper

      personally couldn’t stand the xbox controller with the left stick and dpad reversed (compared to a ps3). I kept dropping the controller, which was why I got a ps3

  • Sterling Archer

    Just like the Xbox 360 the Xbox One Will be the better System. Sony can’t even get updates right!

  • rosco2474

    Too late, …this isnt about making gamers happy, this is about damage limitation on their bank balance…. ps4 gets my vote still

  • Nope. Not changing my mind. You try and pull a power trip on me and you lose my vote. My vote has been cast. It is firmly in the PS4 camp now.

  • mdj76

    Xbox still sucks