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PS3 update 4.45 problems lead to brick, no XMB

While Xbox 360 owners are in a state of joy at the moment upon hearing Microsoft’s new DRM-less plans for the Xbox One, it appears that Sony PS3 owners have been running into a few problems regarding a new PS3 firmware update to 4.45. Worse yet, we’re seeing reports that those who have already installed the update have been met with a bricked console upon reboot.

To get the message across straight away, if you haven’t turned on your PS3 console in a few days and are prompted to install the update to 4.45 – do not install the update just yet. There are over 171 pages of complaints from consumers who have unfortunately already installed, with many of them saying that their console is now unresponsive and that the XMB has now disappeared from the screen.

This is no minor problem it seems either, as Sony has been forced to issue a statement on the matter, confirming that there is a problem with the update and the XMB not showing after installation. As a result, they have taken 4.45 offline, so you actually won’t be able to install it anyway if you haven’t done so yet.

What happens to those that are now sitting with an unresponsive console though and cannot play games like The Last of Us? Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be an instant fix, as Sony said they are now investigating the problem and will inform consumers in due course.

We have heard though that if you do have a bricked console, it may be possible to save the system by going into safe mode and then installing a new firmware using a USB key, otherwise known as a soft brick. Let’s hope this is the case and Sony will be providing a method by the end of the week, to get everyone’s PS3 consoles back to normal operation.

Are you affected by this? Let us know if you installed 4.45 and what the current status of your PS3 console is.



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