Sony PS4 game price expectancy for third-party

By Alan Ng - Jun 19, 2013

We have some pleasing news for those of you planning to buy the Sony PS4 console this year as your next-gen system of choice. Following on from Microsoft’s recent confirmation that first party Xbox One games will retail at $59.99, we now have another guarantee from Sony that their own first-party games will come in at the same price as well.

Although some consumers had initially feared a price hike in the transition to next-gen, it’s great to see Sony and Microsoft sticking to the same price points of current-generation console games. Remember though, this is all related to first-party games, not titles from other publishers.

Sony and Microsoft have somewhat been careful to specifically mention that this $60 price will only cover first party games such as Killzone Shadow Fall and Forza 5. What this means is that they are giving third-party publishers like EA and Activision, the choice on whether they want to raise prices further and make games such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts – higher than the $60 price.

They may be giving third-party publishers the power to raise prices, but the obvious question is – will they actually have the guts to do it? A specific publisher isn’t going to look good from a consumer perspective if most games including third-party games are $60, but that specific publisher’s game ends up at $70 or even $80.

Of course, some third-party publishers may be tempted to ask for more, but it could be a PR disaster if they actually did and consumers start pointing the finger. Perhaps with Sony and Microsoft announcing $60 prices for their own games early, it is also sending out a message that they expect their publishing partners to do the same.

What are your thoughts on the fact that we keep hearing about first-party prices, but nothing about third-party prices yet? Do you have a feeling that some publishers may try and ask for more? Would there be any specific game that you wouldn’t mind paying higher than $60 for?

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  • Kevin

    I wouldn’t mind paying higher for a decent game, as you still would get a great price back once you completed it, say you payed £60 for a game and after a month on eBay would still fetch £50 so your not losing much, I know I always do it there is eBay charges and PayPal. If its a good title you can get a great trade in price at shops too. Oh yeah I forgot only Sony can 🙂
    That said I’m not a fanboy I have xbox360 and like the live better than Sony but I have ps4 on order this time around due to resale of games.